Grand Theft Auto 5: "Echo Park" In Los Santos Confirmed

PC Games writes: "One of the published screenshots of Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 5 will show you Echo Park in Los Angeles". Check out more information about that story after the break!

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TheLyonKing2376d ago

All this screenshot business means nothing to me, I only get exited by gameplay videos.

roadkillers2376d ago

Well, we already know how Grand Theft Auto will play (for the most part). It's what might be included that's exciting and the screenshots reveal some of that, slowly, but surely.

Awesome_Gamer2376d ago

Yeah, i agree. we already know how GTA V will play (kinda) so it's refreshing to see some new features/places revealed via screenshots

WeskerChildReborned2376d ago

Yea, i like how screenshots can demo the graphics but i want to see how gameplay will look like.