The Hyrulian Pantheon: The Evil Gods of The Legend of Zelda

ZD writes: All but one of the characters discussed here as Evil Gods are highly debatable. All of them are called Gods by others for one reason or another. Some even have temples built for them by their worshipers. I have not included characters who proclaim themselves to be gods because of the amount of power they have gained.

There are a handful of gods in both Greek and Norse Mythology who are considered evil. Hades is an example of one such God, as well as Hel in Norse Mythology. Interestingly both of these deities are rulers of the underworld. In a way, a few of our Evil Gods can be considered rulers of the Evil Realm as well, if you wanted to think of the Evil Realm on the same level as the underworlds of Greek and Norse Mythology. As Hyrule doesn’t really have a direct underworld that we can see, the Evil Realm is the closest comparison we have.

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