Zelda and Mythology: Mythical Birds

ZD writes: In the first installment of Zelda and Mythology, I discussed Arthurian Legend and its similarities to Zelda. I have decided to do the promised sequel — about Celtic Mythology in general — at a later date, and instead we will be talking about mythical birds and the many references and similarities to them that can be found in The Legend of Zelda.

Of all tetrapod vertebrates (animals with backbones and four limbs), birds are the most rich in species, so it should come as no surprise that they have cultural significant or that there’s an abundance of mythological birds as well as myths about real bird species. With birds being so prominent, then, it should also come as no surprise that many fantasy stories implement their own fictional avians, including inspirations from myth and even actual creatures ripped straight out of it. Zelda, too, has an abundance. So here are three major mythical birds and their appearances in Zelda, along with three real birds with associated myths that have also appeared.

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