Rock Band Adds Hits From the B-52′s, Staind and Young the Giant on July 17th

Dave Walsh writes:

"People have been doing their best to convince me that rock n’ roll is dead for most of my adult life now. The amount of time that I’ve spent with a guitar in my hand might be equal to the amount of time that I’ve spent with a game controller in my hand, which is saying a lot, so it is safe to say that I do not see rock n’ roll as dead. Seeing companies like Harmonix continually pushing out content for their Rock Band games shows the level of commitment and passion that they have for music, and I’m happy to see that. Next week they shall march forward yet again, releasing three new singles into the Rock Band store, joining the over 3,500 songs already up there."

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Rainstorm812340d ago

Great some Staind on Rock Band....just picked up RB 1&2 for 4$

0pie2340d ago

does anyone still care and playing this game?