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Kamikaze1352289d ago

That was fast. I guess they are going to stick with streamlining the series and killing it. Good ole EA.

Nitrowolf22289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Yes people this is real.
It's on the orign Client

BiggCMan2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

It's real, but it could be an accident, I sure hope so. There's so much content in Battlefield 3 now, that it would take me ages to unlock it all. And with all the DLC planned, I sure hope it's a mistake somewhere in EA's parts.

EDIT: I am looking at it now, I think it may have been taken down. I looked at both the regular and Deluxe editions of Medal of Honor 2, and I don't see it anywhere. Perhaps it was an accident.

Nitrowolf22289d ago


Go to games or genre (forgot) and select shooters. it's there.

Here's video confirmation to

BiggCMan2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Yea i'm doing that, I still don't see it.

Nevermind, I see it now. For some reason the banner wasn't popping up, I had to reload Origin and it popped up. It can still be an accident though, I won't jump to conclusions yet until I hear something from DICE or EA.

egidem2289d ago

This is kind of fast. Only problem is EA just wants money, and if it involves cranking out more games sacrificing quality, they'll do it.

I was hoping for something like a return to one of the Bad Company series, before another major title like Battlefield 4. Maybe Bad Company 3? I really enjoyed the Bad Company series so far.

zeeshan2289d ago

I remember that DICE said that BF4 will not come on current consoles. This could be pointing towards either a PC only demo or perhaps a demo for all next-gen platforms plus PC. Either case, I am done with BF3 at the moment as a number of glitches, unbalanced gameplay and idiots who run their server ruined BF3 for good.

hakis862289d ago

Well Battlefield 4 surely won't be out until (fall?) 2013, still I think it's a bit early...
And yes, they have a ton of DLC planned for BF3 so this is a bit confusing... it better be radically improved then, not just BF3 with different textures..

So, lanuchtitle for X720/PS4?

Blastoise2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I love how they went with the whole "Better than Call of duty campaign" thing with the whole "Above and beyond the Call". Now they're planning on releasing a game every other year, you've got the "Premium service" along with terribly overpriced map packs.
Oh dear, I love Battlefield 3 but there's definitely some shenanigans going on here.

geth1gh2289d ago

Oh snap! I am very worried about the direction dice is taking, seems more and more like they are trying to become cod everyday. Not saying cod is a bad game, it has its place and its not for me these days. But I don't want to see bf become that.

That said, they said they would be releasing the first 64 bit game for pcs in 2013, so maybe it will be bf4?? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

LackTrue4K2289d ago

they did something like this another one of there games (can't remember the name) but the beta its self came out like over a year later...?

MAJ0R2289d ago

Well EA, good riddance. You guys have killed so many of your good franchises, first Dragon Age, then Mass Effect, now Battlefield.

I will never buy another new release from EA again (unless heavy discounts are involved.)

Azmatik2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

im i the only smart one that realises the games not releasing for a long time theyre just gona beta test a sh*t load durrrrr. is there something wrong with beta testing now? lol OMG must mean BF4 is comin in 4 months LMAO wow ur all so sad

Rainstorm812288d ago


I agree...BF3 wont be released until fall 2013 at the earliest,So now releasing a game every other year is a bad thing?

Yet MANY of you love games like Uncharted, AC, Gears, Forza, etc and all of those games get released Bi-yearly.

The hate on EA gets beyond ridiculous at times.... What boggles the mind even further is that if it was BF Bad Company 3 , some of you complainers would be fine with it.

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StanSmith2289d ago

Agreed. Looks like Battlefield is about to become EA's Call of Duty. Medal of Honor one year, Battlefield the next. Just like Blackops one year, Modern Warfare the next.

I can't wait for these Military Shooters go the way of Guitar Hero! Maybe then, we'll get the diversity of genres back into gaming again.

SeekDev2289d ago

FPS games can go the route of Bioshock and innovate the genre, but so far, other than a few gems and rarities, that isn't happening. Absolutely cannot wait for Bioshock Infinite though.

StanSmith2289d ago


I've got no issues with first person shooters. Just Military Shooters. I mean they always have the same story, same setting etc. It's past the point of being fresh and is one of the genres that I feel have become stale quicker than any genre in gaming.

Games like Bioshock, Dead Island (Zombies are becoming overused, but Dead Island didn't resort to being just like your usual Zombie games) and Mirror's Edge are all great First Person Games that didn't have to resort to "wow look at CODs sales, Let's copy".

torchic2289d ago


who plays CoD/Battlefield for the story?

it's all about the online multiplayer/gameplay mechanics bro.

I'm sorry but if you're still playing those games expecting a nice story then you deserve to be disappointed.

Azmatik2288d ago

@torchic ur absolutely right doesnt matter how many disslikes u got online is where its at! and since when is BF the same game with no innovation? last i recall every BF had new amazing stuff

Rainstorm812288d ago

The problem is COD made military shooters stale, IMO Battlefield is a better game (vehicles, destruction, sound to name a few).

But as you said the main problem is the "Me Too" devs that attempt to copy COD's formula, EA is going that route with this new MOH & BF alternate cycle and BF Premium.

I long for the days when more devs were willing to take chances, regardless of the success of another franchise or company

AzaziL2288d ago

Just remember how good EA is compared to Activision when it comes to rehashed sequels.... *looks at list* Madden, NCAA Football, NBA Live/Elite/Dead, NHL series, Need For Speed, Command & Conquer, Mass Effect, Dragon Age....


tee_bag2422288d ago

I like the battlefield series. I've playing them since 1942. I was annoyed they didn't include a bot mode to practice flying and weapons with. I hope the next installment includes it.
For the people spouting out EA please remember DICE are the DEVS. EA publish it.

StanSmith2288d ago


Dice are the devs but EA is funding it. EA have more control over the game than DICE do.

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DeadlyFire2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

This very well could be Battlefield 2143 or something like that. Well I hope anyway. Unless they feel like they flopped Battlefield 3. In many ways they did fail the PC audience.

Although the idea that in 2013/2014 we might see a Next-Gen Battlefield 4 game on new consoles. Is pretty bad ass idea, but I was hoping for something in-between like Bad Company 3 or 2143 like game. Could be a typo. Let DICE/EA announce it before drawing to many fingers. DICE had just stated something about moving towards putting games in the future. I was hoping it meant 2143 was coming.

Tru_Blu2289d ago

Sound doesn't even work on PS3. I love the game but hate to hear they are working on a new one when the one out now doesn't even work at the moment.

Hal0_0_EmElG2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Works great on PC lol , anyways this looks fake , the writing isn't there on the store page like these images show , just looked , unless it's only showing in the US.

joab7772289d ago

No. It's how they keep up with cod and keep momentum going. I still trust Dice, even though EA calls the shots. What would b very smart in this economy in which many still play B3 is to make a move into the future and give ppl a reason to buy it by joining one to the other in some way, by allowing ppl to keep what they have earned or reward them for what they have accomplished. If it's in this Gen, it could b a great way to sell alot of copies. Eventually, it will money in this direction.

grahf2289d ago

"I still trust Dice, even though EA calls the shots."
Thats like saying you trust Bioware, Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Blizzard or any of the other development houses owened by EA or Activision, or any other mega-publisher for that matter. Developers may have ideas, but they are forced to follow a single agenda, and whoever holds the purse strings sets it. Don't fool yourself. Look at Bioware's latest blunders, and its not just ME3. Blizzard as well.

Azmatik2288d ago

what was wrong with ME3 first ending? nothing! ur just a little girl lol *spoiler* shephard dies the rest get stuck on a planet with no more technology so they start life on that planet WTF is wrong with that ?????

-Superman-2289d ago

What about Bad Company 3? Bad Company 2 ended with that Russians came to america and then what...??

Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 - Big leap
Battlefield 2 and 3 - Big leap
Battlefield 3 and 4 - Kinda same, if it stays this gen.

TekoIie2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I will only accept this if it means 64 players on console. If this feature isn't there then I'll probobaly not buy it.

-Superman-2289d ago

Battlefield 2 is still one of the favorite games and this commando thing is awesome, but i cant just play Battlefield 3, beucase server always lag or kick out and gameplay is kinda wierd. I would like this gameplay to be clean or something like that, smooth.

_-EDMIX-_2289d ago

I love all BF games just based on the core understanding is always the same. I must agree with you on BF3's bizarre kicking of players and strange errors.

Punkbuster is not my friend.

SilentNegotiator2289d ago

"We put our COD-aimed game beta in yo' call of duty knock off, so you can call of duty while you call of duty"

akaakaaka2289d ago

well there has been a "battlefield" or huge expansion every year... I don't know why people are acting like this is new from dice.

the point is dice make "a game" every year, nothing new here...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

BF4? This is really a console game now.. BF2 had much support for years. Time for EA to shut down servers and sell a new BF game. Console industry ruins basic long term support for games. But then again I get console gamers never knew what that was.

I will stick with planetside 2. BF game battles are tiny.

finbars752289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

No offense but where the hell is BFBC3????I would prefer that over BF4 to be honest with you.great story,funny characters,absolutley hilarious and destruction was A1.Now dont get me wrong I love BF3 but still play BFBC2 just to remind of how good the series truley is.Im hoping BF4 is strictley PC and BFBC3 will be on console.I play on the PS3 so we dont really get the true effect of 64 players as where BFBC is more of a console game.I wouldnt be disspointed at all is they went that route.We will see since the BF series really is a PC game in my opinion.

clearelite2289d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

I agree. I like BC2 more than BF3 so far. Would LOVE to see a BC3 that stays true to the series and maintains it's integrity. It would give me some hope for EA's future as well.

Majin-vegeta2289d ago

Oh f*ck off EA i'm done buying games from you.I'm just gonna stick to BF3 and the older BF games there's so much to do in them.Greedy a**holes.

ritsuka6662289d ago

Suck this gamers, you suport BS of Premium BF3 DLC...and is you get "gamers"

Stay-Toasty2288d ago

What???? Why not read what you wrote before posting this illegible garbage. Especially when you "try" to talk down to people who buy extra content for their favorite games. Suck on that, tool.

WeskerChildReborned2289d ago

Just like what they are doing to another series i liked, Dead Space 3.

stormskiier2288d ago

I'm so happy I didnt get Premium for this game now

snipes1012288d ago

Killing it or not, Im just outright getting tired of military shooters.

Playing through Singularity recently showed me how much more the genre can be.

aceitman2288d ago

yes there will be a 4 but it will be next gen im sure it will be let out the bag by e3 2013 .

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shackdaddy2289d ago

Already? I thought they were gonna do a bad company first...

Kanzes2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

They said "We saw the banner with our own eyes." I think this post is legitimate.

PockyKing2289d ago

Check the Origin store man, I saw it too. Just click on the shooter genre and its right there.

Kanzes2289d ago

Thank you for the help dude!

PockyKing2289d ago

Np, I didn't believe it at first either lol

Pandamobile2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

"Battlefield 4" better be a working title for a BF2142 sequel.

Also, why is Medal of Honor listed as $70...


Oh, "Digital Deluxe Edition".

PaPa-Slam2289d ago

That's what i was thinking, is the BF4 Beta only coming with a Special Edition or something.

MrBeatdown2289d ago

I'd take a 2142 sequel or Bad Company 3 over Battlefield 4.

Kind of dumb that EA isn't alternating releases.

kasasensei2289d ago

You like those digital deluxe collector editions pdf, don't you?

AO1JMM2289d ago

I am thinking it will be BF 2143