Every Important Plot Point I Know About Resident Evil 6

GI writes: Capcom has been releasing increasingly plot-heavy trailers for Resident Evil 6 since the game was announced earlier this year. Many of the big reveals in these trailers feel like outright spoilers, so we already know quite a bit about Resident Evil 6’s plot even before the game’s October release. To continue our month of exclusive content linked to our Hot 50 cover story, I’ve compiled everything from the trailer’s clear facts to my own speculation here. The result will sound like incoherent ramblings to non-fans, and just regular ramblings to RE nuts.

Possible spoilers ahead.

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WeskerChildReborned2377d ago

At first, i thought Jake would be revealed to be Alex Wesker(which i'm hoping to see in the future since he is basically the other of the Wesker Children who could be alive). Anyway, wondering what Ada's plan is.

StarFox2377d ago

tbh they just need to bring back wesker. the series is nothing without him as the main antagonist. i honestly do not see why wesker has a biological son, when it doesn't fit his personality. wesker hated humanity so why would he screw some random broad. if anything it would made more sense if he cloned a son through his DNA. if wesker does come back he will probably come back as a clone, they can put this cliche front such as they excavated whatever was left of wesker from the volcano.

Run_bare2377d ago

I really would like to see what happen with Ada and Leon new partner. I will pre-order this very soon once the special edition available in Aussie.

General Shrooms2377d ago

Point number one: this game is going to suck

ha2e482377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

Point #² best resi game ever since 4 is this, I think people are just becoming more and more giant douches