Those Who Boycott Games On Principle Just Miss Out

WC writes: As humans, it’s natural to feel disappointed, upset or even angry over certain decisions. We’re all guilty of this. However, there is a point where some people take it too far. A rather popular way of voicing your opinion lately is by boycotting a game, meaning not buying it. While game companies do make some questionable decisions at times, the only person you’re harming is yourself.

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Hufandpuf2286d ago

Boycotts don't work if the developer doesn't care.

Kyosuke_Sanada2285d ago

But the publisher does if the sale drops too low.

Yi-Long2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

... at most, I just have to wait a little longer to play the game (IF I'm still interested by then), but it will be much cheaper and have all the DLC-content, when I pick up the 'complete' release.

It's developers like Capcom who will have to start worrying, now that more and more gamers have caught on to their greedy ways, and will now refuse to buy a Capcom game on day 1 for full price, knowing a bigger, better and cheaper release will be coming within 12 months!

dangert122285d ago

Miss out how? the game Is not what people want or were lead to thinking It would be I would much rather spend my money on something else I actually want, and not just spend money cos It will do

Queasy2286d ago

Missing out on things because of your principles is kind of the point of having principles...

2285d ago
ShinraE52285d ago

Post of the day right here.

Dark_Overlord2286d ago

So the author is saying regardless of how badly you're treated, just bend over and take it?

No thanks

pixelsword2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

That's about the size of it.

I don't support games that are offensive. I have gone as far as buying used games for very cheap or renting them to verify my suspicions, but I won't put money in the pockets of ignorant developers.

Although I don't believe homosexuality is right, I won't support a game that condones the persecution of homosexuals.

I don't support games that promote racism, sexism, or ageism.

I don't approve of occult ideologies when it's to the degree of propaganda, but I will play them if it's a plot device. I also won't play a game that aggrandizes a religion opposed to me (i.e. a caste system).

I don't like "pure" Communism and disapprove of Communism in general; but again, if it's a plot device, I will tolerate it.

CaptainPunch2284d ago

Then gaming isn't for you

pixelsword2284d ago

It wouldn't be for me if I could not read comprehensively; but since I can, it is.

showtimefolks2285d ago

really OP so we should shut up and just take what's given?

i rather not.

we all blame activision for COD every year from the looks of it now every year we are gonna get a battlefield game than the next medal of honor

so what's the difference both evil empires are making the same kind of games.

to each his own like david jaffe has said many times speak with your wallets and they will listen

joab7772285d ago

No. I just think we have to pick and choose r battles. It only makes me feel gratified if I boycott something that only a few others r boycotting. If it were a huge movement and had an effect... then ya..if it's a good reason. Online codes are interesting because they help fight against used game sales and piracy. Even if u boycott, chances r it's less than what would have been lost from stealing. Believe me, companies that do shocking things that piss us off know that they will lose some sales but r willing anyway...hmmmm. It is great if it makes u feel better, but rarely has an impact because so many gamers are not even aware of the issues. Companies are emboldened because they know we r basically incapable of affecting sales on a large scale. But, we absolutely could do it if we really wanted to. But we don't. We wanna play.

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