New Halo 4 Menus Video

The Halo Council writes: We have seen some screenshots in the past, some blurry menus but finally we get a really good video covering the entire Halo 4 E3 Beta Build Menu.

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clarkjudo2291d ago

343 Studios, good job on the amazing detail for the Spartan suit! Oh boy, more eye candy to come I am sure. :)

Makes me wish this game combined more of a 3rd person view. Shame to add all of these options and not see them during the whole time your playing.

GearSkiN2291d ago

If u assassin u can, or use the shield. And ride a vehicle. But we can always ho to forge and look at it or film mode :)

LAWSON722291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

I never want halo to be a third person shooter just use a damn turrent the new shield or just get killed and boom there is your shiny new armor

clarkjudo2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Yes, these moments are good but not consistent enough or are simply short lived in multi-player and less in story mode. But I just came across some information on a video showing extra assassinations. In Multi-player mode, there is one with the Flag (while dual welding. See link below). Let's hope 343 Studios change things up a bit in the story mode.

Cerberus292291d ago

Thats why I love theatre mode

clarkjudo2290d ago

Yes, this is one thing that came to mind. Thank God for that resource for enabling to see your modified self in action. :)