Devil May Cry demo is ten minutes of gorgeousness

The Devil May Cry 4 demo dropped today and one writer had this to say about it from Sarcastic gamer: "I honestly haven't seen graphics this detailed, since Gears of War. This could possibly be the best looking game, ever, for the Xbox 360. To their credit, Capcom didn't let the kick ass graphics slow the game play down one bit..."

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LGFreedom4376d ago

Great review. I totally agree. it is ten minutes of win. Great job.

TheSadTruth4376d ago

I can't wait to see how PS3 fans twist this. This site is become more and more pathetic each day. This site is becoming nothing but a Wii and Xbox 360 smear campaign. If you say something like "Xbox sucks" you will get 40 agrees and 5 disagrees but if you say something intelligent like "Uncharted has decent graphics but I think the screen tearing and texture pop-ins are a bit of a problem" you will get 40 disagrees 2 agrees and no bubbles left. It's really sad the site's owners let it get this out of hand. I really guess it's not his fault though, kids will be kids. Just read the comments below...

zambrota4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

DMC4 ps3 version is better than x360 version in terms of graphics/control ---Gamesradar

videogamesrevewblog ---DMC4 better looking on ps3 with better fr



LOST looks like a Dog S**** game vs Uncharted

Your x360 will never have anything to rival Uncharted graphically

and dont bring gears cuz UT3 has better graphics than Gears but still look like a p*o vs Uncharted

"Mark Rein: PS3 UT3 graphics better than Gears of War" --thats right Mark himself said that UT3 is better than Gears graphically

hazeblaze4376d ago

If screen tearing and texture pop-in were actually a problem you'd have a point. But since there has been absoultely no screen tearing after two playthroughs and texture pop in only occured twice throughout the entire game (same location both times too)... it really isn't a problem. Especially considering we've seen plenty of games, of lesser graffics, on the 360 that experience problems much more frequently. No game on any system is without its glitches.

InYourMom4376d ago

Bubble Up for saying it. It's completely true and the comments on this post just prove your point. I mean just look below at the Sony Fanboys bringing up Uncharted.. %100 kids!

solidt124376d ago

Im glad they took the extra time to make this game so nice looking. It does look better than Gears of War so Im sure the next Gears will be awesome. I played the PS3 and 360 version and The PS3 version has better controls, its harder to pull off combos with the 360 controller, but they both look great.

TheSadTruth4376d ago

Sigh.. you guys know this is a Devil May Cry 4 news post right? And as far as the Uncharted graphics problem I mentioned.. I was quoting an article written by IGN, read it for yourself, I don't follow the game at all and was just giving an example from a reputable review site.

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JSA-Gamer4376d ago

I agree with this guy. That demo left me breathing heavy. I'd line up for this one.

GamerSigma4376d ago

While I wasn't expecting much from a game with a "4" at the end, this is definitely worth waiting for. Probably played thru the demo about 6 times last night.

socsca4376d ago

So what are yor feelings regarding FFXIII?

SeanScythe4376d ago

"This could possibly be the best looking game, ever, for the Xbox 360."

Still doesn't compare to Uncharted, which is the best looking game on any console.

Blademask4376d ago

Before they did the "sRGB" nonsense.

GamerSigma4376d ago

Gotta disagree with you on that one. From what I saw, this could be one of the best looking games on either console. It's breathtaking... Seriously.

Marceles4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

I think Uncharted is the best looking console game. Period. We can argue that, but people shouldn't even be arguing about DMC4's graphics being better than Uncharted.

Blademask4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Because Uncharted's reviews make statements about how good the game looks. Some go as far to say its the 'Best' out on consoles-Gametrailers, other question whether or not it can be done on the 360. Gamespy. In general, it is the console graphics king both visually and technically.

Thats why people keep saying it.

power of Green 4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Why do you guys keep saying that?.

Is it because you see alot of foliage in the jungle?, Lost blows Uncharted out of the water in environmental realism.

Check out the jungle pics of each lol.

Who are you Sony fanboys kidding, in my opinion Lost smashes uncharted. Uncharted had some nice jungle for a console game thats it other games on the way will make it old news.

Wotbot4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Uncharted isn't the best looking game. Its good, but COD4 is better on 360 and PS3. Mass Effect looks better as well. As I have all of the these games, their is no BS fannboy opinion going on.

I'm just looking at the games when I play them, not watching videos, and out of the three, Mass Effect and COD 4 impressed me the most. Uncharted is up there with them, but the other two for me have the edge in more areas.

Below: For me is does and most of the gamers I know agree. On some of the levels, the graphics looked photo-realistic in COD4. Not once did I think that in Uncharted.

GameTrailers appear to agree with me as well on this one.

Didn't see you mention Mass Effect. Now thats a good looking game. The most realistic character faces and models I've seen yet.

Maybe you should take a look at your own behind, there could be a surprise waiting there for you.

techie4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

I think it's karma POG after all the "Gears" graphics talk. Lost? o_O POG, come on go play Uncharted lad - you don't need to embarrass yourself like that.

Uncharted deserves to be lauded and hailed, it's amazing tech.

DMC4 best multiplatform engine? Yeah maybe - AC still looks good, though doesnt run as well. As does COD4

ANd GamerSinger, who obv wrote this preview, Uncharted has nothing to worry about from DMC4 - that is texture wise, lighting, water (doesn't react or look good), character models etc etc. What it does have ove Uncharted is 60fps! Wow!!

BTW GameSinger - you need to change "Your" to "you're" in your article. You also havent played the other level in the demo...have you. Cause that's far more impressive. I don't see how you can say the graphics are so good from that little taster. They are OK at best.

Wotbot - talking out of your behind there. Whether you prefer their art style is very different to how good the game is technically and graphically. COD4 doesn't even touch it.

Peekay4376d ago

Pog - "Lost blows Uncharted out of the water in environmental realism"


marionz4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

yeah it doesnt compare to gears or bioshock, the top two best looking console games ever, dude raider was let down by its plastic dolly faces and repeated identicle plants, but DMC4 sure is pretty!

jwatt4376d ago

I bought cod4 on my ps3 and rented it on my 360 and it has the best graphics on both consoles. Cod4 also has more effects going on like smoke from the grenades you know partical effects and all that stuff. Next up is Gears of war then I would say Uncharted and Bioshock are next in line. I also think motorstorm has some of the best graphics but that's a racing game.

Blademask4376d ago


Despite of what you fanboys think. Reviewers, THAT FANBOYS WORSHIP have hailed Uncharted. The fact that you are bringing up LOST in a graphical argument is only clarifying how desperate you are to try and tarnish Uncharted.

Really now? Lost?

I think IGN/Gamespot/Gamespy/Gametrail ers/1up/Gamepro/Eurogamer+ Opinion outweighs your critical xbot view of the title.

@ The guy who thinks COD4/Bioshock/MassEffect look better than Uncharted,

Again. Reviewers dont. You are entitled to your own opinion, which is perfectly valid and valuable. But the review community as a whole has agreed that Uncharted is Graphically and Technically amazing. Can you say that the performance of Mass Effect is a technical Masterpeice? When every reviewer out there has said that it makes several missteps, the graphics stutter constantly, as do the framerates, the 'streaming' loading is you running down a long hallway, and after all that you still wait for textures to pop in.

Using the UNREAL ENGINE which developers and the gaming community is questioning its viability of isn't the way to try to win a 'graphical argument'. COD4/Bioshock are very pretty titles, which have all been praised graphically.But they are no where near Uncharted when it comes to dynamic lighting, DYNAMICS in general, animation systems, RESOLUTION, Water, Streaming LOADING, and much more. The same people who have also praised these titles praised Uncharted as delivering above and beyond graphically and technically.

Again, I am not saying that reviewers opinions matter more than yours, however you are certainly in the minority of people who believe that Other games out-pace Uncharted strictly graphically speaking.

Jeremy Gerard4376d ago

Uncharted does not have the best graphics, I own it, and what it has is very vibrant pretty colors, this gives the impression that the graphics are the best, but actually they are far from the best out there. Many 360 games like Mass Effect have better graphics but they have bland colors, this fools folks into thinking Uncharted is superior. Add to that a lot of folks just really want to see the PS3 live up to the hype sooner rather than later, and you get claims of "best graphics ever" being made off a simply impressive but not best game.

techie4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Jeremy - just bright, giving the impression the graphics aren't great. You obv know nothing about graphics then. Best textures, highest polygon characters with the most textures on them, best lighting with unjagged shadows, best water...please give us all a break and go and learn something.

And still saying sub-HD COD4 is the best looking graphically is wrong - it may have a very convincing art style, but it's textures, resolution etc are enough to bump it down the list.

Anyway Uncharted has nothing to do with this - enjoy arguing that this is the best looking XBOX 360 game.

Carbon4376d ago

27 - Lets get the facts guys.
First off I want to set the record strait.... Drakes uncharted is to date the best looking game on either console period.

2. COD4 on PS3 and XBOX 360 graffix wise is the same... (I OWN BOTH CONSOLES AND THE GAME FOR BOTH OF THEM) HOWEVER!!!!!!! Nobody ever talks about the sound of each on COD4... PS3's sound blows XBOX's out of the water... PS3 plays COD4 in DTS 5.1 and if anyone has DTS (Digital Theatre Surrond Sound) you know what im talking about. The pictures only half of the experience, Sounds the other half. I challenge anyone to proove me wrong!

Jeremy Gerard4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Well I own 360 and PS3, you sound like you would never own a 360, but if you do, pop in Mass Effect and look at the John Shepards face, then pop in Uncharted and look at the faces in that game, ask yourself which has better textures, you can see the pores in the mass effect characters skin, it is so true to life, Uncharted characters look more like the founders in deep space 9, their faces look artificial and plastic. 360 does better textures anyway, this should be common knowledge if you are an unbiased gamer, but yes Uncharted does do well with activity on screen, this is where PS3 is superior.

hazeblaze4376d ago

This conversation has gone far off track, but Uncharted is undoubtedly the best looking game out. DMC4 is great looking too though. COD4 looks great, but hardly has the same level of detail and lighting effects. Mass Effect & Bioshock both look great and have great art style... but as far as graphics they don't really come close.

Anyway, I had my doubts about this game before playing the demo. Now I'll definitely be picking it up.

zambrota4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

only an XBOT would even compare Uncharted with anything on x360.

Uncharted has the best water --Gamesradar

Uncharted has the best graphics on consoles --Gametrailers.

COD4 doesnt even stack up against other good games like UT3/Gears so even bring it here.

DMC 4 is nowhere near Uncharted

Carbon4376d ago

Jeremy Gerard

Are you freakin kidding me...
Yes I do oun both therfore I can compare different games with the same TV, Same connections, Same speakers ect. ect. ect. If you do doubt me send me your number and I'll send you a pic from my cell because Id love to prove you wrong... It would make my day.
I'm not going to flip sh*t and play it on one tv and maybe go to the video store, or down the street to my friends house and say that was a direct comparason because quite frankly thats what most people do.

And now your comparing in-game movie footage... or say non actual in game footage.... what a joke, and in that case pop in NBA 2008 and and look at the opening credits where the black guys talking.... becides the best footage in drakes is not the movie clips but the actual in-game play and If you ever played it you would know that...

power of Green 4376d ago

Look all the PS3 fanboys are agreeing with the person saying the things they wan't to hear and dissagreeing with the people saying what they don't wan't to hear. Shocking!!!!!...

Sony fanboys numbers are getting out of hand on this site. May not even know better but still agreeing and dissagreeing. lol

GrooveChampion4376d ago

POG, it's a new year, it's time to lay the conspiracy theory to rest. When people agree with positive PS3 news, it's probably because they agree, just like when people agree with positive 360 news.

hazeblaze4376d ago

I have to disagree. I enjoyed the facial animations in Mass Effect but I was not generally overwhelmed by any level of textures or detail. Uncharted packed A LOT of detail not only in the characters but the environment as well... and the environment is really where Mass Effect pales in comparison. Plus, even when it comes to the most impressive textures/details for facials, that nod definitely goes to Heavenly Sword & UT3.

WilliamRLBaker4376d ago

grove you've not been on this site very long have you? it dont work that way on is really!!! controlled by fanboys this has been a fact since inception.

InYourMom4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

I have Uncharrted and I've played thru it twice now from beginning to end. It is a beautiful game but it is not the best looking game on consoles. It also suffers from texture pop-in and suffers from some pretty bad vertical tearing. The texture pop-ins come at weird times as well, like when you find a piece of treasure and the it switches to the screen showing the item you found it shows a flat texture then the detail pops-in over it. Definately not enough to ruin the game at all.. But yes I scratch my head when I hear people claiming it is the best looking game on consoles.

WTF are we even talking about Uncharted for anyway.. This is about DMC4 for the 360, so there would be no mention of the PS3 or comparing it to any of it's games. I am going to d/l the 360 and PS3 version tonight and see for myself which one is better.

EDIT @ Below: Two I am thinking of is Bioshock and COD4. Bioshock has incredible detail and graphics, just the opening sequence alone where you have a plane crash and are in the water with the fire on top puts Uncharted to shame. COD4 has excellent detail and not to mention the partical effects, lighting, etc all happening at once make Uncharted look tame.

Carbon4376d ago

Please tell us... What game has overall better grafix than Drakes Uncharted???

Greek994376d ago

It funny how you guys compare Uncharted to COD4 in terms of graphics.
COD4 isnt even in HD. It uses upscaling techniques to reach 1080p (seriously, what game is in HD on the 360? Halo?)

COD4: 600p
Uncharted: 960 x 1280 960p (correct me if im wrong but I think its around there)

COD4 has better Particle effects and lighting. Thats it. You just cant compare Uncharted to COD4. Period (xbots are in denial)
Hate to say it, but Flame on.

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techie4376d ago

Best looking? Seriously? Nah. Plus it's not just 10 minutes...there's two levels, one timed for 10minutes, the other untimed with a big boss. I'd say the graphics have a good art style - but not the best.

JSA-Gamer4376d ago

(1) You own a PS3
(2) You love your PS3
(3) Your PS3 has a name
(4) The game you think deserves that title rhymes with Blakes Bortune?

Just a wild guess.. Lol... just giving you s___.

techie4376d ago

You shouldn't need to look at my avatar to know who deep is, but anyway.

What's your point? Do you think it's the best looking game on the 360? Textures are...OK. Art style is gorgeous it's true. It's great...I dunno but I could name loads of games that look better.

Maldread4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

Agree with that. I can`t see how this is supposed to be one of the best looking games on the 360, as there are others that look better from what i`ve seen (havn`t played the demo myself, so correct me if it looks better when you`re playing yourself instead of in the trailers).

Than again, this is coming from sarcasticgamer after all, so how serious should we take it ;)

hazeblaze4376d ago

Exactly. Bioshock looks better than this game for one. If you only have one console then you may be some what jaded on what good graphics are these days. But truly, over the last 3-4 months all of my games with the best graphics have been on the PS3, period.

Uncharted, UT3, COD4, Ratchet & Clank, Bioshock and Heavenly Sword are the best looking games out on consoles right now, period... and most of those are available only on the PS3. The PS2 was the best system out last gen and did not have the best graphics... so xbots seem kind of silly to need graphics to validate their system when it is becoming increasingly clear that the PS3 is overtaking it in that area. Enjoy whatever system you have, just play games.

zambrota4376d ago

Uncharted is the best looking game on consoles by 20000 miles

UT3, COD4, Ratchet & Clank, Bioshock and Heavenly Sword are GOOD LOOKING games but DOG *** versus uncharted

Uncharted is unrivalled in terms of graphics

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Blademask4376d ago

Fanboys need to stay away from reviews.

At least i'm happy that the xbots have decided to claim another graphical king. The Gears argument was getting very very old.

GamerSigma4376d ago

You obviously didn't read the review.... way to get some credibility Blademask.

Commenting on articles without even reading them FTW!!!

Blademask4376d ago (Edited 4376d ago )

"I honestly haven’t seen graphics this detailed, since Gears of War. This could possibly be the best looking game, ever, for the Xbox 360."

Which part of the review didn't I read again?

Please, Educate me

Self owning yourself FTW!!! Idiot.

I will wait for your edit.


Wait.. You are the one who wrote the article? And you didn't see that you mentioned Gears?

InYourMom4376d ago

graphical detail SINCE Gears of War. I haven't played the demo myself but I don't think he is saying it is superior to Gears just since Gears there hasn't been a game with this much graphical detail. Which in itself is an opinion. Frankly, I think Bioshock & COD4 looks better than Gears, UT3 or Uncharted. And UT3 is simply a newer Unreal engine so UT3 should look better than Gears and even that is marginal at best. When Gears of War 2 comes out I have a feeling we will be re-evaluating what games are the best looking.

All I know is I listen to the fanboys, ran out and bought Uncharted, R&C, RFOM and rented UT3 and I the whole time I'm thinking to myself; Is that it? I need to still pick up Heavenly Sword.