New ZombiU footage showing the new build of the game

Ubisoft just released yet, another new footage of ZombiU running on a new build. This footage comes from Comic Con.

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Hisiru3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Looks even better in 720p :)

I love the concept of this game and I can't wait for it!

Morrigan-Aensland3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

If this game was a PS3 blue ray release game it would fail because it looks below today's standard of games multiplatform or exclusive. This game seems like it would be fit to be release on xbl or psn for about £20. To each his own. Look at "the last of us" compared to this game and you'll realize that this should be of higher quality. Some might think I'm being harsh but I don't get why some thinks this look amazing unless they haven't been gaming this gen or they are just fanboys.

Another thing I don't understand is why should the user take his/her eyes off the teli to focus on the Wii u pad when it would have been better to pause the game and access the same options at pause menu. Or it would have been better to keep things on the screen with inventory option at start menu while game is still in play for the same nonstop intensity. The Wii u pad with its LCD screen is meant for easy convenience but utilizing it in games doesn't make it so.

Hisiru3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I have a PS3 and 23 games for it (including exclusive games like Uncharted, Heavy Rain etc). For me it looks good enough (but they could improve the graphics and add some AA). Maybe it's you who always want high end graphics? What I am trying to say is that ZombiU defenetly doesn't look like one of the best games (graphically speaking) out there, but it's good enough for me. Graphics are important, but I don't play graphics and I am not an enthusiast, so I think the graphics on this game are good enough.

Actually, the most important aspect of this game is the concept (Gamepad features + enviroments + perma death + gameplay mechanics etc etc).

"Another thing I don't understand is why should the user take his/her eyes off the teli to focus on the Wii u pad"

Because it creates a tense moment, a true "survival horror experience", you need to be careful, and it makes the game even more harder and scary because you need to do it fast (it's like trying to open a door in a movie with tons of zombies coming to eat you. If you look at your bag in real life you won't be able to "pause your life".

"it would have been better to pause the game and access the same options at pause menu."

Maybe for you, but that's not what most people think. All the hands on previews are saying good things about those gameplay mechanics.

It's seems you don't understand the concept of the game. Maybe it will help you:

christheredhead3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

This game does look amazing, and im not talking about graphics. I mean, I like the idea of everything on the pad. I don't want to pause the game to make simple inventory adjustments. Everything is right there on the screen at all times. It seems like it would be a much easier transition.

The last of us does looks awesome, but I dont see why that standard is passed onto other games as reference of a "play or pass" mentality.

Hisiru3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Again, I am not just talking about graphics. I love the concept of this game, if you don't like it that's ok, Mario isn't for everyone, Uncharted isn't for everyone and ZombiU isn't for everyone either. That's how it works. I think I should respect your taste and you should respect mine. If youre saying this game is going to be bad just because it doesn't have high end graphics, then I feel bad for you...

You're calling me fanboy but you won't see me trolling/trying to downplay a system/games of another company like you're doing just becase you love graphics. If you don't like it, that's ok, you can just go to another article, you already gave your opinion.

I still have fun with Left 4 Dead 1 on a crap PC (which looks much worse than this) and that's what I am talking about. I love this "survival horror" experience ZombiU is trying to deliver. I will need to be careful when I am trying to open a door or using my bag, I will need to collect loot, this looks scary and fun to me and I play games for fun.

Also, as I said, I have a PS3 and I will play Last of Us at launch, just like I will enjoy ZombiU and some other WiiU games at launch.

As much as you want to downplay this game, every hands on preview is saying great things about it, so your opinion is useless for me.

vallencer3971d ago


You don't seem to be the brightest crayon in the box. On one hand you're right it doesn't graphically look like the most amazing game ever. However, as Hisiru stated, the gameplay and the tension from looking to the Wii U gamepad along with getting bitten once and dying is what makes the game. I've played some bad looking games that are fun and better than some of the best looking games out there. Graphics don't make a game fun, controls content and how the game plays is what makes the game fun or not. Also you've said twice now that the game should be better looking for being on a newer console, well I'm not sure if you remember correctly what the games looked like when the PS3 and 360 came out. I'm sorry but Gundam on the PS3 looked like garbage compared to todays standards. Kameo also looked like garbage. What I'm getting at, in case you can't grasp it and its not an excuse, is that this game compared to those launch games for the other systems looks better but it also doesn't look better than whats out now (graphically) but compared to what's out now developers haven't had the time to develop and get to know the Wii U like they have the other systems.

So stop crapping on the Wii U and give it time it will slowly look better and better and if that's a problem for you than don't comment on Wii U articles it's a waste of time.

h311rais3r3971d ago

You talk about fanboys when you are one yourself....I'm sorry this game isn't the last of us must be shite. Seriously just stroke to Joel. We know its what your thinking. The last of us isnt even in the same genre....better yet tlou is lbt even original. It's a different take on an exciting genre. You tlou fanboys are the worst. Worse than apple fanboys. Yes it looks awesome but it isn't the end all of all games. Chances are it will be short much like uncharted and most likely very linear. Just please stop talking down other games simply because it's not the game YOUR excited for.

ABizzel13971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )


Shouldn't you be getting ready for a new Darkstalkers? /jk.

But seriously, I think this game looks great, and is exactly the kind of game to shake Nintendo's only for kids / casual / old people stigma. It looks like Left 4 Dead meets Dead Island both gameplay-wise and graphically, and while it may not be the best looking game out there, it's still capable of holding it's own against the majority of games. And again we're comparing launch titles for the Wii-U to PS360 games with 5+ years of experience under their belt with their specific console. Games aren't always about graphics, it's the experience / concept / gameplay / execution that matters the most.

Braid was considered one of the best gaming experiences, and no one would say it's up for Graphics of the Year.

I'm still not sold on the Wii-U, and I'm pretty sure I won't be picking it up until 1 - 3 years down the road when it's proven itself and gathered a decent library of games, and hopefully received a price drop. But this is one of the few games that tempting me to reconsider (now we need about 4 more).

StanSmith3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )


Comparing the Last of Us to ZombiU? Really?

Sorry but you're the only fanboy here!

This game has only had 12-18 months development to get it ready for WiiU's launch. The Last of Us has had much longer development time to get it to the standard it is at. Worse still, you compare a Third Party Multiplat to an Exclusive! How do we know Ubisoft haven't held the graphics back to release it on PS3/360 at a later date? Simple answer is we don't!

Look at Uncharted. There is no way Naughty Dog could keep the same graphics quality in the franchise by releasing them with in 12 months. Look at Resistance compared to Last of Us. It's almost night and day. Stop judging the WiiU only on it's launch game's graphics and just wait to see what it is truly capable of.

Try learning about games development before making silly judgements like you have done here.

MadLad3971d ago

First off, this is going to be a release within the first round of games coming out. Notice the difference in graphical fidelity from the beginning of a console's life to when it is nearing it's end. Games just get that much more impressive looking over time, once developers learn the tech.

Secondly, we are most likely looking at a 1080p game, running at possibly sixty frames. As far as I can tell, despite what some people are saying, I am seeing the Wii-U pushing out games that are about on par with what we have with the current consoles, but actually running at a silky frame-rate, and at a true HD resolution.

That is more than fine for me. This game's graphics are fine for me. This is a console, I don't even know why graphics come into the conversation. Hell, the class of gpu supposedly to be seen in the next Playstation and Xbox are considered low-end by today's standard, let alone by the time the systems come out. We are talking console tech here. Let's concentrate on the games and the online service, shall we? Graphics will never be their strength.

Firebird3603971d ago

@ Morrigan
Are you high?! Or are you just that much of a blind playstation fanboy. This is a launch game that looks just as good if not better especially in the lighting than the games that are currently out on 360 and ps3. Go back and look at 360 and ps3 launch games, theyre far below what this game looks like. I don't understand the appeal of bashing other systems. I'm personally exiceted for wiiu, something I haven't been for a Nintendo console since the n64.

Shnazzyone3971d ago

It appears to be running at a consistent 60fps the whole time without a single stutter. Combine that with what it's simultaneously displaying on the tablet and it becomes extremely impressive if this is outputting at 1080p too. If it's outputting at 1080p then it's clearly more powerful then a ps3. If it's 720p it's at least as powerful as a ps3.

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PopRocks3593971d ago

Looks better than the E3 build, but still not as good looking as the pre-rendered trailer. Lighting's nice and I appreciate the context sensitive damage on the zombies. Good looking game as far as console graphics' standards go.

Shok3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Looks pretty good. They still needa touch up the actual zombie models though. Close-up the textures look a little poor.

WeskerChildReborned3971d ago

Whoa look's cool. When i get a Wii U, i'm definitely checking this out.

AO1JMM3971d ago

When I get my WiiU I am definitely picking this game up. Looks awesome!

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