Keighley: Fox News' Mass Effect Skit Was 'Off the Wall'

Going up against the Fox News monster can be tough, especially when they're overflowing with ignorance on the subject of games. Geoff Keighley talks about his appearance with GameDaily BIZ.

"I sort of felt a little bit like I was on an Onion News Network skit or something like that. It was a little off the wall, but at least I was there to ... represent the industry in a mainstream sense."

He added, "It's sad that that's the only way Fox News will really cover games [with] controversy like that."

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Jones Miller4382d ago

I´ve always liked this guy!

lonestarmt4382d ago

you know I never liked this guy, but its now hard not to like him. Gained my respect.


what do u expect about a biased news program for the right. i hate fox news

RecSpec4382d ago

Show me a news station that isn't biased, seriously, I've been looking for one for a while now.

crunchie1014382d ago

Well done to Geoff Keighley, who has now instantly become the most respected man ever amongst gamers.

At least for a couple of days.

However, in all seriousness I've alway respected him as a journalist. He tackles serious issues with tact (I point out the Jade Raymond interview in the Bonus Round), he isn't afraid to back down about a subject eve when surrounded by the most ignorant of the ignorant, and overall he's a superb representative for the Western gaming industry.

Canada FTW!

Yi-Long4382d ago

Hmmm.. he should have just gone right at them and straight up accuse them (rightfully) of intentionally LYING to their audience.

Just call them out. Quiz them, make them admit they dont know jack-sh*d about the game or it's contents, etc etc.

A missed opportunity to put Fox 'news' in it's place.

Shankle4382d ago

Not when they can cut him off at will.

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The story is too old to be commented.