Will there be multiple versions of the next Xbox?

Ars - "Scalable" architecture patent points to systems with variable hardware power.

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JellyJelly2378d ago

If there will I hope all of them incorporate a hard drive. Imo the arcade console was MS biggest miss this gen, besides RROD.

Mkai282377d ago

So I suppose they would have different consoles for different hardware/software advantages? Would that mean having an Xbox 720 that can display multiple screens? Have another one with windows 8 ect. I assume that the gaming part ( via GPU) would stay the same. Although I would say, if they made the GPU interchangeable, it would surely prolong the consoles life cycle and would essentially be a PC.

Wizziokid2377d ago

I think there will be a couple different launch bundles, mainly the more expensive option which comes with Kinect 2 and then the one which comes with the console, HDD etc.

000000000000000000012377d ago

You do know that they made a verison with a HDD!

Mkai282377d ago

They need to make one of the versions support DVI for 120Hz monitors, if it be true.

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