Skyrim "Legendary Creatures" DLC

PopBucket has been thinking about ideas for a new Skyrim DLC pack. Read on to see what we've come up with.

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kesvalk2289d ago

this was already made as a mod...

krazykombatant2289d ago

Look at me i'm a home owner!

MySwordIsHeavenly2289d ago

"A subject that simply wouldn’t shake itself from the back of my mind, never ascending to anything more than an enthusiastic paragraph in pertain to a frankly fantastic Giant Mudcrab mod created by Bethesda during the Skyrim Game Jam earlier this year."

Yes, it's a run-on sentence. My biggest problem with his writing is that he's trying too hard. Nobody uses the phrase "in pertain". I won't even touch "frankly fantastic".

MySwordIsHeavenly2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

"As it turns out, the flames for this feather-light wisp of inspiration were only intensified by that very example, and, although it was pushed to the back of my mind indefinitely, I wouldn’t dare forget about it because, although remaining there merely amongst the shadows, it was always ever-so close to the surface; something that I really wanted to take further and bring into tangible and substanceful fruition at a later date, but simply couldn’t quite plant my finger and expand upon it because undefined requirements of the unknown seemingly weren’t fulfilled."

I rest my case.

Edit: Wait. "substanceful"?!? That's not a real word. Try Googling it. What is this guy smoking?

wenaldy2289d ago

I cant hold my temptation to say this but, GIANT ENEMY CRAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBB!!!!!!!!!! !

rdgneoz32289d ago

Hit its weak point for massive damage...

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