Playstation 4: 6 Features That Need Improving

TPG - The Playstation 3 comes packed with a large amount of features, yet many of the major ones are barely supported. The PS4 needs to fix that.

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Lilioups2292d ago

that design is awesome
ALSO controler need change..ps3 should went with that banana design it was epic i hope ps4 controler will be close to that

SITH2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

The only reason I never bought a ps2 and 3 was because of the controller. I don't have kiddie hands, my thumbs would hit using the analog sticks, and it was annoying. The controllers weight was too light for me. If Sony designs a new controller (which I am not confident they will given three gens of virtually the same design) then a ps4 will be sitting in my living room day one of launch. And the triggers suck ass.

hakis862292d ago

"The return of video recorder, with 720P support"

Although he writes 720p minimum, I really hope it's 1080p minimum, and that you could choose to store the video on the PS4's HDD, and external HDD via USB 3.0/Thunderbolt, or to a network HDD via Ethernet cable (guess WiFi is too slow for doing that + a lot of other traffic at the same time...).

There are 3 major things I can't wait to find out about the PS4:
1: The final Specs
2: The interface - hopefully something new and awesome
3: Which features will it have at launch

Persistantthug2292d ago

All they need to do is advance it a, give it a touch pad on the back that would resemble something like the VITA.

DUAL SHOCK/SIX AXIS has been great and there's no need to fix what isn't broken. :)

Dark_king2292d ago

the only changes the controller needs are the L2 and R2 but I don't see Sony not changing those.Though I would personally like them to increase the area between the analogs.Im thinking an extra 1/2 inch would be good enough.

BitbyDeath2292d ago

Yea, they should get rid of the triggers and replace them with normal buttons. They annoy the hell out of me, every time i try put the controller down while in Vidzone it tries to fastforward the clip i'm watching.

SnakeCQC2292d ago

the triggers are awesome

morkendo232292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

all ps4 need is games and more games. hell with extra features if it'll keep cost down to 299-350.00

another 600.00 console wont work this time sony.

Chicago85062292d ago

PS4, 6 features that needs improving?
Were still on PS3, PS4 Isn't available yet.

M a dedicated PlayStation fan, n m quite confident Sony will deliver only goodness with their next console, just like with all their previous platforms.

Having too much fun on PS3 though 2 even think that far ahead.
Forget the crybabies Sony, support PS3 til the wheels fall off, then make that significant leap 2yrs from now.

Game on.

Disccordia2292d ago

Just get someone other than sce Japan to make the operating system and get some proper triggers. That's it.

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The story is too old to be commented.