The New Web Police

AT&T has announced a new type of police. The web police, which is a technology which is in development which monitors what you download and checks if you are download illegal content. This mean all you pirates out there have issues with the RIAA and MPAA already but now you have something else. This device is quite privacy intrusive and is pretty controversial. As said by G4
"Though one can certainly understand why they would do it (all that piracy does take quite a bite out of bandwidth) some would argue it's not really their place. Should AT&T police the internet?"

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TheHater4379d ago

it that intruding one user privacy?

RecSpec4379d ago

I think it's the equivalent of Major League Baseball kicking down your door and raiding your house for video taping game 7 of the World Series.

"This game may not be recorded without the consent of Major League Baseball and the FOX network" The message goes something like that.

antoinetm4379d ago

thats the kind of policy that will send everything back to the stone age of piracy.... CD trading.

oh wait, now there is blu-ray!

fenderputty4379d ago

I would rather them cut down on piracy then charge me extra cash for using more then a certain amount of bandwidth in a month. Still ... this is more then just a little intrusive. This is borderline barcode on the back of you neck stuff. What's stopping them from letting the government see this information? Uncle Sam and AT&T don't need to know who my favorite porn star is.

MK_Red4379d ago

Piracy should be killed but this is indeed a bit too much. Good one on the fave porn star.

fenderputty4379d ago

I do have one ... although she seems to change with the every coming of the moon. ;)

Genesis54379d ago

If IPs don't who should

MasterChief28294379d ago

Good thing I don't have AT&T :P

v1c1ous4379d ago

oh wait, they throttle Bittorent AND have hidden bandwidth checks.

lesser of two evils eh?

waltercross4378d ago

I've had them for years, they do not monitor sites you go to, In the US It's Illegal and called: Invasion of Privacy.

MK_Red4379d ago

This could be pretty great move against piracy but also a rather bad move against privacy. (lol, piracy and privacy)

fenderputty4379d ago

that's going to find it's way to a courtroom.

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The story is too old to be commented.