Full US Playstation Store Update - 01/24/08


"Here is this weeks US and European Playstation Store Updates. Though the likes of me don't get the DMC4 demo without jumping over to Japan or the US, we're all treated to the hypnotising and addictive PixelJunk Monsters."


This was added later to the store:

Guitar Hero III Classic Rock Track Pack ($6.25), has just been added to the PLAYSTATION Store.
“Peace of Mind” as performed by Boston; “Jukebox Hero” as performed by Foreigner; and “Any Way You Want It” as performed by Journey.
File size: 50.4 MB

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SmokeyMcBear4388d ago

wow.. nice little update there, 2 demos and 2 games.. gotta check em out.. stupid work

techie4388d ago

PJM is really cool...quite hard though! Which is good.

zambrota4388d ago

Please head to the PLAYSTATION store to get the DEMO


SlappyMcTaint4387d ago

So who's the braindead fanboy idiot that posted the story about the DMC4 demo not coming to PSN until later? Retard!!! More anti-PS3 FUD... standard fare for N4G

killinet2474388d ago

what... are you kidding me where is the classic rock pack for gh3. Why don't we get when live got it today?

Bebedora4388d ago

What songs is it supposed to have, if you like to share?

killinet2474388d ago

"Jukebox Hero" by Foreigner, "Anyway You Want It" by Journey, and "Peace of Mind" by Boston. I love all of those songs and thought it was gonna be released today, but they weren't and it sucks. Oh well I'll try out the DMC4 demo.

Bebedora4388d ago

Thanks a lot for the answer. 'Any way you want it' is a classic. Don't know about the other two, but I will. When it's out in europe that is. :)

PS360WII4388d ago

Oh Wonderwall... too bad I don't have Rock Band :(

Frances-the-Mute4388d ago

ya...Wonderwall is an amazing song, playing now!

jmiscavish4388d ago

might be my new favorite song to sing. Haven't done it one drums yet.

hunter214388d ago

i thought the DMC4 will be available next week, wonder if its cause of 360 is going to release the demo today also

aiphanes4388d ago

Where have you been my friend?

Luca Blight4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

PixelJunkMonsters (DMC 4 too) when I get home. Reminds me of mass tower building in Warcraft 2!

Great Oasis songs too! Wish I had Guitar Hero.

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The story is too old to be commented.