New Dragon Ball to the 3DS in 2012?

Namco Bandai may have another Dragon Ball game in the works.

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tayz2341d ago

i loled when i saw this. how many more DB games will they make!?!

Nitrowolf22341d ago

who knows, but I would love to see Legacy of Goku to Buu Furry remade. Loved those ones on the GBA

maniacmayhem2341d ago

I bet you fight in this game!!

TheLyonKing2341d ago

If it's not Z/gt and purely just dragonball I would be game. Has there been many games of just Dragonball?

Skate-AK2341d ago

Not many at all. I think there are less than 4. Might be less than that still.

DarkBlood2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

Dragon Ball Orgins -DS

Dragon Ball Orgins 2 -DS

Dragon Ball Revenge of King Piccolo -Wii

Dragon Ball Advance Adventure - GBA

TheLyonKing2341d ago

only those 4 am sure dragonball has been around since the 80's and only 4 games. Wow even less than I thought.

Chrono2341d ago

I want Attack of the Saiyans 2!!