If PS Mobile Ends Up On PS3, Where Does That Leave Ouya?

TSA: "Ouya’s primary USP is the fact that it’s open source, and thus anyone (in theory) can create games for it. In practice, of course, developer take-up will be one of those things that we’ll have to just wait and see on.

In the meantime, Sony’s own PS Mobile offers a similar route for indie devs right now on PS Vita and across a multitude of Android devices.

But it’s not currently available on PS3 – or rather, the PS3 isn’t a target for PS Mobile’s build process. Not yet, anyway."

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joeorc2378d ago

"Speaking to Digital Spy, Sony’s Kish Hirani said that they’d “love” to get PS Mobile onto the front-room console"

lets see Playstation Mobile run on what platform?

Android, and the PSVita right?

Hey why not both?


there is 26 days left in that kickstarter!

I would Say Sony is keeping a very keen eye on this thing, and like i said before if the system does indeed gather that developer interest, Sony has the playstation Mobile platform ready to go for this thing. the people who run OUYA would in all likelyhood not turn down a Playstation Mobile certification and Have the Playstation Mobile app running on the OUYA.