Will these games ever see the light of day? takes a look at some MIA titles for PS3 and PSP and ponders whether they'll ever see a release anytime soon.

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versusALL2381d ago

In my opinion Agent has either been cancelled or moved to next gen. As for Versus XIII, I have a strong feeling that a release date will be announce at this years TGS, either that or shit load of info will be announced!

The game I want know more about is inSANE. What the hell happen to that game!

Capt-FuzzyPants2381d ago

I think both a release date AND a shit load of info will be announced. And a while back didn't he say that the next time they show it it will have a playable demo.

Jadedz2381d ago

I'll be surprised if that isn't the case.

Summons752381d ago

Last guardian =( I want it so bad

Agent probably got scrapped seeing RockStar has had a lot on their plate lately.

AnotherProGamer2381d ago

Agent is being developed by Rockstar North and they are making GTA V so they won't go into 100% production until that is done.

BlackPrince 422381d ago

Agent, or something like it, has to be made. Rockstar was under contract with Sony to deliver a PS3 exclusive, originally to be GTA IV, then Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, and then Agent.

So either that contract was nullified somehow, maybe the release of GTA IV DLC on PS3?, or they bought their way out of it, or whatever their working on is still in development.

Or maybe their teasing out the dev cycle to screw Sony because they don't want to lose the revenue from an exclusive, who knows.

Maybe GTA V will be exclusive to the PS3, though that's so unlikely I feel stupid suggesting it.

Campy da Camper2380d ago

I am pretty sure Agent is coming but not til next gen. I think Sony is playing it smart this time and is going to launch the new console with MASSIVE games. Agent will be a good seller as will Uncharted 4 and Infamous 3. Perhaps even Killzone 4.

maniacmayhem2381d ago

I think its about time we move on from these pipe dreams and focus on the great games we know are coming to the systems later this year.

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