New genre invented, Tomb Raider is an “action-survival” game

IncGamers: Crystal Dynamics has invented a new genre with Tomb Raider, apparently. Tomb Raider and Crystal Dynamics global brand manager Karl Stewart has told IncGamers that the game is an “action-survival” title.

The survival elements are kept to the “macro, rather than the micro, explains Stewart.

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v0rt3x2288d ago

I hate to break it - but inventing a new genre is very rare these days - and I don't necessarily agree that combining two well known genres gives birth to a completely new one. Much less one that hasn't already been explored in other games before.

On top of that - it's a subjective debate and it depends on one's perspective.

One might see Tomb Raider as an action-survival, where others might see it as an action-adventure game.

Neither are "new genres".
The gaming industry has been saturated over the years with labels like "new" and "original" - but that is much less the case.

Developers climb on top of great ideas which have been explored in other games - and draw inspiration from that.

That's not necessarily a bad thing - but very few games come up with something truly "new".

Thatguy-3102288d ago

isn't The Last of Us action-survival

WeskerChildReborned2288d ago

It look's like it will be strategy, action, and survival.

smashcrashbash2288d ago

Isn't that what RE has become? And like this guy said isn't it just a action adventure game?

Pozzle2288d ago

Didn't Capcom call Resident Evil 6 an "action survival" game?

omarzy2288d ago

Aren't all games that are not puzzle focused, "survival action" Even fighting games are like that. Survive the match and it is action. yay for technicalities!

MysticStrummer2288d ago

It looks like a cool game. There's no need to make such a stupid claim. That was an unintentional rhyme. Believe it or not it happens to me all the time. Dammit.

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