Wii U and 3DS not getting unified accounts after all?

Nintendo recently revealed that its Wii U and Nintendo 3DS consoles would be getting a unified account system via the Nintendo Network. However, a Nintendo of America spokesperson has now clarified on that statement. Charlie Scibetta, Director of Corporate Communications at Nintendo of America said that there is no official announcements regarding “a unified online account system between Wii U and Nintendo 3DS”.

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PopRocks3592286d ago

No, they've just yet to formally announce them. Plus, usually when it's just a rumor Nintendo responds with "We don't comment on rumors and speculation." Since they took the time to say "we've nothing to say about this," I'm pretty confident it's true now.

Hisiru2286d ago

Iwata already said they will talk about it at a later date.

PopRocks3592286d ago

Not that I don't believe you, but I can't recall reading the article that outright confirmed the feature. Link please?

BattleAxe2286d ago

The disappointments just keep rolling with this company.

Vortex3D2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Everyone knows Nintendo is behind in many of the PS3/X360 standard features. Remember, no matter how much Nintendo wants to be up to date, it takes time to make each happen. Since Nintendo is in business, they can't always say no even it's what they are doing. Nintendo fanboys will not want to hear Nintendo is still missing from of the critical features that PS3/X360 have for years. So giving them a vaporware promises is better than say no.

That's simple the common sense that neither Nintendo nor fanboys want to admit.

Seriously, if certain features in the console is super critical to you and the latest Nintendo console, ie. Wii U still doesn't have them, then the most powerful strategy an buyer can do is not to buy the product. Why waste you money and time buying the latest product that is known not to have certain critical features that you must have? To Nintendo, it's all about how many sales each new console can do. Any missing feature is really an after though if or when they may do it. And I don't buy "vaporware" promises because there is no way to know when or if Nintendo will do it. Seriously, if Nintendo doesn't include the feature at out of the box, it makes the feature is not that important to Nintendo. They know there are enough fanboys that will buy into vapor promises.

(Just to be clear, I do the same to Microsoft and Sony. If they can't come out with a feature that I must have, either I accept not having it or not buy the product. If not, I'm just another idiot who buys into the hype of features that don't exist.)

Hisiru2286d ago

You spent your time writing such a large text for nothing. Iwata already confirmed this feature and they will talk about it later. Unfortunately (for you) this article is wrong.

Nugan2286d ago

I hate July. There is no news worth reporting, so we get five or six articles a day that try to spin a meaningless "we're not going to tell you yet" PR non-answer into a story.

Jadedz2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

The exact time of business model Sony has for their PS3 console (Free online, added features+ for paying members).