Japan Braces for a Super Smash Bros. Brawl Brawl Due to Shortages

1/24/08 - Destructoid writes:

"If a delay didn't hurt enough, reports of a shortage of copies of Super Smash Bros. Brawl should have Japanese gamers clutching their chest and their reserve tickets."

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TruthbeTold4786d ago

If this is true, then they must have JUST started popping those babies out of the manufacturing plant. Meaning that they really did JUST complete the game. I sure hope that it's all done right.

ThatArtGuy4786d ago

They've delayed the game HOW many times and they don't have enough discs? I was skeptical with the Wii shortages, but this I'm calling complete BS. I remember the "low chip supply" tactic they used when they released Zelda II: The Adventures of Link. Same old Nintendo, someone needs to call them on this manufactured demand.

shine13964786d ago

I'm with you on that one..its getting a bit tried and tested. Making software and making hardware are two different things. Software shortages last days...and it's not like Nintendo can be surprised anymore with 'how overwhelming the demand has been'.

OutLaw4786d ago

What the hell is wrong with Nintendo? It's one thing to have a shortage of the systems, but to have a shortage of a first party game (that they knew will sell off the shelves) is pure B.S. I had put a downpayment on the game last week at Gamestop and they told me I'm lucky because they were soon going to stop taking preorders. I just hope that Nintendo don't screw me on this one considering they delayed the game already and I just repurchased the system just for this game.

Well only time will tell but I feel they think we are so stupid that they couldn't burn enough of these games in time.

RecSpec4786d ago

Haha, there will be blood, Nintendo wins another battle against humanity.

Kyrue4786d ago

This is Nintendo's flagship online have to wonder if this was done to ease the pressure of 1 Million people trying to log on to WFC and fix bugs faster.

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