IGN - 3DS XL: Should You Upgrade?

IGN - Alex and Keza discuss the pros and cons of upgrading from a 3DS to an XL.

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faysal2378d ago

just get a vita for £199 from amazon then this 3ds rip off. seriusly it has no power plug? WTF...

live2play2378d ago

im from the US so we get one
buy yea that is kinda silly

but i wonder, say the 3ds xl costs 200
and the seperate charger costs 10

if they included it in the box from the start would the price be 210?

maybe us in america are paying extra for a charger we already have and without the charger included it would have cost 190 dollars instead of 200


because the dsi, 3ds 3ds xl chargers are the same

live2play2378d ago

i have two in my house, 1 for me and 1 for the wifey

im upgrading mine

i want the bigger screen
im holding off playing games just so i can experience them in xl

playing bomb monkey right now