How To Fix PlayStation Vita's Flashing Blue Light writes: "If you’ve had a PlayStation Vita for a while, you've probably come across, or probably will come across the flashing blue light error (which will most likely be referred to as the blue light of death in future) that can occur on the device at times. If you do encounter this error, all is not lost, all you need to do is follow these instructions."

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BringingTheThunder2341d ago

all these tips and hints came out when the Vita launched. still helpful though.

lalalala2341d ago

Just happened to my Vita with Unit 13 couple of days ago.

SpinalRemains1382341d ago

Never had the BLOD but I did have mine freeze completely. I had to hold power down for 30 secs like above menu and reboot.

boybato2340d ago

happened to me twice now whilst playing TOM blitz.

teedogg802340d ago

You can also do this if your back touchpad stops working.