PS Vita : Games Coming in August 2012

Now that we're embarking on a new month, you may want to know more about the games coming out, This article will remind you of all the PS Vita games coming out in August..

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CommonSenseGamer2287d ago

Wow, nothing to get excited about. Is this really the full list?

ddurand12286d ago

Does summer normally bring big releases?

r212287d ago

finally, sound shapes is coming out :D

MastaMold2287d ago

Sound Shapes for sure i'm still thinking about Madden 13

r212287d ago

im not much of a sports guy but i might buy madden later in the future. anything on the vita is just damn appealing :D

MasterCornholio2287d ago

I'm looking forward to it as well and I can't wait to play PSX classics on my Vita.


boybato2287d ago

Hopefully the patch that allows you to play ps one games gets released this month as well to compensate for vita game shortages. ;p

MrGunny942287d ago

Okay.. Let's get this straight up guys...

New consoles.... New handhelds...

It takes time to developers to adapt to the new hardware... Let's take a look at PSP one example is MGS:Peace Walker it took the best out of the hardware at the end of it's lifecycle isn't it true?

Same goes for The Last Of Us ain't i right?

In my opinion Metal Gear Solid 4 did a very nice job in terms of adapting to the new hardware it was 2008 and Kojima productions did a very good job.. Sames goes for Naughty Dog and Isomniac Games with the first Resistance

Just give time to developers like Kojima Productions or even other major AAAA studios start working on it

It's a great platform it just needs some time and love

CommonSenseGamer2287d ago

Big difference for the PS3 is that for a while it was the least expensive blu-ray player on the market which helped it sell. If the games are not there then what reason would someone have for buying a Vita now and not waiting 2-3 years when its cheaper and have a better range of games available? Question is, if sales don't improve what might developers to do compensate?

ATLRoAcH2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

You're right about that. For a new device the Vita has nice line up compared to a lot of other launches. I just think Sony needs to announce more of the Vita titles that are in development. They need to push the 3rd party devs that are making titles for the Vita to reveal them too. I'm sure the Vita has a lot of games in development right now that we don't know about. They need to announce some of them even if they're far away to build up some hype and to let people know what's in the future. They should have done this at E3.

remanutd552287d ago

sound shapes for me!!!! when is Little Big Planet coming out?

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