PlayStation Vita For $79.99 With Trade Ins This Week At Future Shop

This week at Future Shop sees a very cheap price for the PlayStation Vita if you don’t mind trading in five games from the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Vita, or Nintendo 3DS. Elsewhere, pre-orders of Darksiders 2, New Super Mario Bros. 2, or NHL 13 will get you $10.

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BringingTheThunder3264d ago

yay, they take 3ds games on this deal!

TrendyGamers3264d ago

One of the eligible trade in games for Vita is Ruin... It's not even out yet!

frankiebeans3264d ago

they gave up on the vita they're doing there best to clean out stock lol

HammadTheBeast3264d ago

Doubt it, they want 5 games for a price discount, and they usually only give you the discount if the games are relatively new (1-2 years at most).

Its a pretty big rip off, you could get more money just selling your games individually.

clevernickname3264d ago

Exactly. "Give us $300 worth of games and we'll give you $170 of credit!" It's a sucker deal.

taquito3264d ago

i'd buy one quick for $80

but all the console games i own im keeping

no ones getting my demons souls!!

no one!!!

rolandfurious3263d ago

Demon's Souls isn't on the list--it's not an applicable trade. It's a Greatest Hit now anyways, so it's only worth $19.99 brand new, forget about what the trade-in value is.

Still, I too would refuse to part with my copy.