Bigger investment pool drew Twisted Metal's Jaffe to mobile, social games

Twisted Metal developer David Jaffe explains why he is getting into the smartphone and social games business with his new startup, in a new Gamasutra feature.

"The pool [of investors] is bigger and more varied," Jaffe told Gamasutra. "You have a lot of traditional publishers who want to be in these new spaces, as they should. You have a number of companies that would never have thought of being video game publishers who are now trying to get into the space, whether it's mobile or social or tablets. The landscape is definitely different than the last time I did this."

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Cyrisaurus2341d ago

From Jaffe's Twitter:

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck!!! For the last fucking time: I am NOT making a mobile game or a social game!!!!!"

Disccordia2341d ago

Yeah Jaffe is working on a f2p title. Its eat sleep play who are moving to mobile games.

-MD-2341d ago

He left the company he didn't get fired.

Cyrisaurus2340d ago

Why are people disagreeing? It's the truth. He left.

majiebeast2341d ago

eat sleep play is going mobile and Jaffe and them parted ways.

GaryOak2341d ago

I'd pay money to see Jaffe have an argument with this guy:

GribbleGrunger2341d ago (Edited 2341d ago )

How many more big creators are we going to loose to mobile gaming before people realise that mobile gaming is destroying this industry bit by bit?

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