USB 3G modems won't fit in the MacBook Air

Since the release of the MacBook Air, people have reported that USB 3G connection won't fit in the Air. This is not good news for those of you who have 3G connection till, better and smaller USB 3G connection. This wireless connection has and 3G wireless speed. This mean we either wait for another type of 3G connection to come out or just homebrew something

This is probably Apples way of saying "buy our stuff or nothing for our stuff".
Yes you'll need a $2, 2 inch USB extension cable, but why not just have it ready to go. Well because it's Apple.

Will Apple release yet another add on?
Will a home brewer make an add-on? Probably


here the photos of the issue:

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WilliamRLBaker4383d ago

thats what you get with Macs most of the best stuff thats made to work is only made by apple...which is why i dont use a mac or any thing mac.

Bonsai12144383d ago

or you could get a usb hub. you know, so you can use a mouse too. thats a design flaw in the air. only 1 usb port.

Shankle4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Oh woe! $2!!
And how much will the macbook cost you? How much will the 3G cost you?
I hate when media exaggerates problems like this.

Apocwhen4383d ago

ummm, a USB extension cable anyone...

Dragonopolis4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

I don't understand the grip about Apple MacBook Air.

First I don't I don't own a Mac but I do use a Notebook extensively.

Mobile Computing is expensive no matter what company you go with

Most Notebook users use usb flash sticks anyways. Heck I don't even carry DVD anymore as I bought a small Portable Hardrive (fits in my pocket and is powered by one usb cable) that holds most of my DVD collection. Was it expensive? Yes but much easier to carry around Pocket Hard drives and Flash sticks than DVDs and generally are faster and a bit more reliable in my opinion = flash drives work perfectly for school work.

Dream on for cheap mobile computing but those who make the plunge are well rewarded with light weight light storage solutions that is more than adequate for the business professional. Heck I might even consider the Macbook as its specs are still better than what my current notebook is (which is feeling old)

Congrats to Mac fans. Hopefully this is a start of an even better Mobile experience.