Catholics back Hindus in Anti-SMITE PR Campaign?

In the ongoing negative PR campaign against the religious-themed battler SMITE, Nevada Hindu activist Rajan Zed fired off another broadside, this time announcing support from the Roman Catholics.

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Sephris2315d ago

I just blogged about how it might not be the wisest thing to have a religion's god involved in video games. And this is a prime example of why. you don't get a second chance to do things the right way, and a mistake could have millions wanting to see you hang. They got lucky it was the Hindus they did this to because Hindus will show their anger vocally. Imagine if they had mishandled Mohammad.

rdgneoz32315d ago

Ever think that the whole point of this was just to make free publicity? The article even states "who has elevated attention and promotion of the upcoming bash-and-cast battle game SMITE with more success than any ten PR firms could manage in so short a time and with literally zero budget."

Hell, I never heard of the game before today and this article got my attention. Many people won't really care about the controversy, and the more people that hear about the game, the more potential buyers they have.

Sephris2315d ago

It is quite possible. It wouldn't be the first time in human history where religious conflict was started for personal gain rather that religious issues. If you look at what happened to the Knights Templar you have the perfect example. The Catholic church claimed they were heathens, even though they spent the entire crusades fighting in the name of Jesus. And the church had no problem relieving the Templars of all the power and wealth they had accumulated. I won't say this is the case here, but I won't say it isn't a possibility either.

voodoopickle2315d ago

they didnt relieve them of their wealth and power, they murdered them all.

dcbronco2315d ago

Which was a relief because they no longer had to deal with those hypocrites.

Recnef2315d ago

I don't know about that -- from what I have learned for most of the Hindu world this is really not a big deal at all. They don't really care how people outside of their faith view their gods and goddesses. The irony is that many of what they call deities are actually more like teachers or perhaps fonts of wisdom and enlightenment, so this is one of those deals where they could take lemons and make lemonade if they chose to...

WildArmed2315d ago

Honestly, I don't care.
They can use the mythology however they want.
Sure, I'd like it if they kept it as is. But I'm not going to demand they shut down and beg forgiveness if they don't.

It's fine. Definitely not the first game that has used Hindu lore.

Off the top of my head, the recent game Asura's Wrath used some too.
One of my personal fav. games, Persona 3, has deities from multiple religions as Personas.

JBSleek2315d ago

Trolling in the name of religion. Damn.

Moby-Royale2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Sooner or later somebody here will cast the first* stone. And it's all downhill from there.

pandehz2315d ago

Im not very religious but they really should not interfere with religion.

Too many ppl have faith and the gods/goddesses idols/pictures are pretty important for their faith and the resemblance is quite uncanny.

Ive had many a argument with my script supervisor about using actual images of gods, or naked goddesses etc, showing murder in a gross way, rape etc and theres always a line in these things. Theres an individual line and a community line, community wins hands down unfortunately.

So yea hopefully this does not turn into a mess and theres a compromise on both ends.

rdgneoz32315d ago

"Theres an individual line and a community line, community wins hands down unfortunately."

I believe freedom of expression wins out. If people don't want to buy it and the game flops, its the devs problem and they can deal with that. They should be allowed to make the game they want to make.

MWH2315d ago

does the freedom of expression involves mocking or patronizing sensitive and sacred subjects like other people's believes and religions just because you can or because you don't agree?

out of freedom of expression i say it's bullshit. many are using this noble message as an excuse to lay waste in communities and cultures all over the world. it's not a freedom of expression, it's an act of disrespect, ignorance and domination. it's poison mixed with honey.. think about it.

pandehz2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Freedom of expression is not a solution to all.

Will you allow your children to be subjected to swearing and bad language all over the place and say its freedom of expression?

What if every artist said im going all out with my subconscious and expressing whatever i want. Blood, rape, murder in the most gross manner and whatever evil thoughts in our heads is shown then where is control?

There is always a balance and freedom of expression is not that. I think you misunderstand its meaning

How about sex in public (full nude or not doesnt matter)?

There are reasons some things are taboo and some are not and we the community define that.

I dont know the gravity of the situation with smite but these a re the beginnings? Once upon a time Clockwork Orange was released and now porn is freely available. Im not anyone to judge but you can see for yourself what i mean.

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