IGN: Wii Tie Ratio at 8:1 in December

IGN writes: "Players bought eight games for every Wii sold in December. That number is better than Xbox 360 and PS3. If you're still under the impression that consumers are only buying Nintendo's new console for Wii Sports, perhaps the latest software to hardware tie ratio numbers from the NPD Group will change your mind."

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Douchebaggery4377d ago

wonder if they count the games people had to buy in those ridiculous forced bundles.

StalkingSilence4377d ago

i know, and things like wii play being bundled with a wiimote for the same price.

Doppy4377d ago

Seeing how there aren't even 8 good games on the Wii, I'm sure that's exactly why the Wii sold so many games. The only way to get one was to buy a bundle that forced to choose on average about 5 games. Either that or the bought all the discounted $20 games.

InYourMom4377d ago

one month at Christmas time. Hardly evidence of a trend and when you look at the whole year it's not even close to the 360.

If this happens for the next few months then I would say it's something that could be changing for the Wii.

mintaro4377d ago

damn, and 8:1 ratio of games per wii is amazing, even if it's just over the hilday season

StalkingSilence4377d ago

it must mean 8 mini-games (like wii sports or wii play). seriously i got my gf and my gf's bro wiis for christmas. also helped 2 parents at work get them. none of those people bought more than 2 games. of the people i know who have had wiis for longer than 6 months, they only have about 4 games total. so not sure where these numbers are sampled from.

PS360WII4377d ago

They are sampled from the NPD report that gives numbers of the USA sales of the month. While you helped 4 people there are a wee bit more than 4 people in the USA

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The story is too old to be commented.