Spartacus Legends debut trailer

Ubisoft released the first trailer for Spartacus Legends.

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etebitan2291d ago

looks great!! btw i love the show, sucks that stars axed it..

ironcreed2291d ago

It's not ending. War of the Damned starts in January.

GaryOak2291d ago

Wohoo! I was waiting for a game of thi-Oh wait? False alarm! I taught it was something else!

TheDestroyer2291d ago

I hate to be a grammar nazi, but it's 'thought', not 'taught'.
Please don't take this comment the wrong way; i'm not trying to act ignorant here, even if i seem like it.

12345bnm2291d ago

Everyone makes mistakes, pussycat.

GaryOak2291d ago

Ack,thats what happens when I try to be a smartass.Anyway,I'm not gonna take it the wrong way at all,man.

mafiahajeri2291d ago

If this is anything like Shadow of Rome (amazing game) Im interested...