Imposing order on the Xbox 360’s worst trolls

Trying to moderate a large community on the Internet is not an easy job. Anyone who tries to enforce basic rules of civility and respect in an open Internet community of any decent size is fighting a never-ending battle against John Gabriel’s Greater Internet F***wad Theory, which turns usually normal people into complete, well, you know.

Those problems are only compounded on a service like Xbox Live, but Stephen Toulouse, who served as Xbox Live’s head of enforcement for five years before departing earlier this year, said managing Xbox Live’s tide of miscreant behavior was just a matter of bringing consistent punishment to those who break the rules.

While many users are under the impression that the entire enforcement process is automated, Toulouse said every complaint sent in by an Xbox Live user is actually reviewed by a human, usually in much less than the targeted 24-hour window.

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Sephris3910d ago

Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory? That cracked me up. I'm going to have to Google that after I read the story. Though I might not want to...I might be the reason the theory was thought up. O.o

Dante1123910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

This is why I always mute or Party Chat as soon as I start a game on Live. Some of the stuff I've heard on Live was off the hook back in the day (racist slurs, anti gay comments, threats on people lives (political figures too lol), etc).

nukeitall3909d ago

I play Gears of War 3 a lot, and there I find people very nice with the occasional annoying guy with the music in the background. I just mute them.

On some games like CoD, it tends to get nastier. Has something to do with the younger demographics, maturity and culture.

This doesn't really change for any platform, be it Xbox Live, PSN or PC in my experience. Super popular games, tends to congregate immature or ignorant people.

Hal0_0_EmElG3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Console gamers are a nasty bunch , PC gamers are very nice and will often donate money to your paypal account if you can't afford a game where an Xbox live players will try to steal your account and if they should fail will threaten to saw off your face and bang your mom while constantly calling you a n....

thorstein3909d ago

I don't know about Xbox but I do play both PS3 and PC. On the PS3, I find the occasional mic spammer, like you said, but usually a really bigoted piece of crap gets shouted down and made fun of. One of the best examples when someone on my side during MW2 had "kkk" as his clan tag. I followed him around shooting my gun so the opposition would know where he was. He rage quit.

Anywho, PC is even better because you can choose to play with certain people. I use Steam to join communities and I play with CnB, TG (Trashed Gamers) and one hundred percent of the time we are having a great time cracking jokes, posting stupid sprays (on TF2) and just enjoying what we love to do.

dazzrazz3909d ago

The good part is .... at least I can set privacy to "friends only" including on everything voice, txt messages and ingame chat :]

thorstein3909d ago

Plus you can block users on the consoles.

oakshin3909d ago

i had(for a few diff reasons)black ops on xbox and ps3

there was more retarded acting people on xbox but i think that was becuz thee was simply more people miced up on xbox but the only thing i noticed with black ops ps3 players was better my k/d on xbox was 4/1 my k/d on psn was 1/1

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