Look, Street Fighter X Tekken For Xbox 360 Won’t Ever Have Mega Man Or Pac-Man

Capcom bumped up the release date for the twelve downloadable Street Fighter X Tekken fighters. On July 31, you’ll be able to set up fights between Blanka and Alisa or Dudley and Mega Man. Well, you can do that last bout on the Xbox 360 version.

"Unfortunately for Xbox 360 users, Mega Man and Pac-Man are exclusive to the PS3 version of the game," Street Fighter X Tekken producer Tomoyaki Ayano explained to Siliconera.

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maniacmayhem2291d ago

You know if this game was actually good I might care. This game is just so noob friendly and the locked content on disc that Capcom is charging is unforgivable.

Not a fan!

eferreira2291d ago

I got my money's worth with hours of online battles.

maniacmayhem2291d ago

Really? The online was terrible for me. Sound dropping out, continous lag and tons of dropped sessions. I'm definitely glad i gamefly'd this and not actually bought it.

But right on for getting your money's worth.

yewles12291d ago


Dammit Capcom, you just HAD momentum going for you (SF: Assassin's Fist)...

kagon012291d ago

Just avoid this extortion friendly piece of crap, and your problems will be solved...

Skate-AK2291d ago

Yep they said this way back when it was released even thouthey that Pac Man and Mega Man are on the 360 disc.

d3nworth12291d ago

I have the ps3 version and I have never seen megaman or pacman online. I've seen a couple Cole Mcgraths. Plus those 2 are pretty much useless I think they have like 4 moves.