The Next Xbox Should Embrace Microsoft’s PC Roots

For today's edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, we continue the discussion of future consoles with commenter Leaufai, who advises Microsoft to embrace their PC roots and give us a console that truly takes console gaming to the next level.

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rataranian2292d ago wont. So if you're comparing it to a gaming pc, just stop it.

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WeskerChildReborned2292d ago

Yea it's totally different cause PCs are up-to-date hardware if you choose to update it which i think is kinda necessary for a good gaming experience.

Qrphe2292d ago

Well, it is called the Direct X Box, specially if it does run Win8 like speculated.

tachy0n2292d ago

it is called the X-Box because the console uses Direct X ........

Somebody2292d ago

"But they can do more to integrate Xbox and PC gaming and doing more could help them in the long run."

It looks like they are cannibalizing PC features to be put into the X Box LIVE platform instead of integrating those two things together. The only reason they still maintain a presence in the PC is to prevent newcomers/competitors from filling up the void. While MS shift its focus to mobile devices and strengthening the X Box LIVE platform, they couldn't afford leave the PC open for others to take.

The new mobile market and X Box are relatively closed system while the PC is still an open free-for-all laboratory where fresh ideas are concocted all the time. That's why we've seen tons of independent researchers expanding the uses of the Kinect with the PC but virtually no Kinect based PC games. Those research are valuable and kinda free information that MS need to further improve on its X Box devices. Like how the Russians let the Nazi secretly build tanks in Russia before World War 2. Sure the Nazi are free to build to their heart's content without the allies hounding them but the Russians doesn't have to waste any money and effort to do any heavy research for their own tank program.

MS is trying to copy Apple by having full control of its devices. They tried to do so in the past but only now they have the confidence to do so. The X Box is leading the charge with Windows mobile devices as its backup. The PC is just something they couldn't afford to leave but also couldn't afford to develop without cutting in their X Box and mobile campaign.

hellvaguy2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Fresh ideas such as creative virues, hackers, cheats, and spamware? No ty. I play consoles to avoid all that. Your whole Nazi arguement just retarded. Really it is. Theres no secret gas chambers killing millions of Jews, so just stop. Obviously you hate MS and are very dilluded to compare a company to the mass murdering of millions by the Naziis. Furthermore, MS donates more to charity than most major corporations combined.

Also MS was around before Apple, so your might say Apple's roots were based on trying to one up MS way back in the 80's.

Somebody2292d ago

So you chose to use the genocide part of history in my analogy to make my arguement useless...I chose to use that particular bit of history from a technical perspective. Do you really think the Russians won't be spying on the Nazi tank program that is being developed on their own soil? Same as thinking MS won't be stealing ideas from the independent PC researchers using Kinect. I could use Apple and China as an analogy but then I would be accused of being a racist.

Yeah, the Nazis killed millions of people back in the days. Some of the Nazi scientists, including those who worked on those fabled death camps, even secretly sent some guys to the moon not once but several times! Thanks to them we have satellites where the whole world are connected in some sort of web and trolling each other every day. Lousy Nazi and their weapons of mass destruction. Even now we still suffer under their vile legacy.

InTheLab2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

"Microsoft has a big stake in this. The company is synonymous with PC gaming, due to Windows being the main operating system (90% in 2011) for PCs."

So since the OS on most computers is Windows, MS is synonymous with PC gaming? GTFO... Have the good fools at Kotaku ever heard of GFWL? It's by far the worst platform on PC. It's intrusive and a pain in the ass. You have to create an account and sign in, or YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO SAVE YOUR GAME!!! It's the direct opposite of XBL because it's free. Thanks to being free, MS does not support it.

Xbox and Live are as far from PC as it gets. A closed platform and a pay service that charges you to use your own bandwidth. That's nothing like PC.

PC roots my ass. Kotaku is a troll site an Steven Totillo should be fired. And yes, I will type that in every Kotaku thread...

hellvaguy2292d ago

"A closed platform and a pay service that charges you to use your own bandwidth. That's nothing like PC."

Netflix, Star Wars Online, and World of Warcraft also charge me for using my own bandwidth, so your PC arguement there is invalid.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

Actually the big difference is choice. on xbox you have no choice. Star Wars can't charge you if you don't buy the product. xbox on the other hand is forcing you to pay.

Are you now saying his argument is invalid and pc is not an open platform?

There is a difference between optional obligation to pay and mandatory obligation to pay.

No matter what product you buy on xbox paying is mandatory. On pc I can skip a product and play tons of other games online free of charge. Also Star Wars is going free 2 play. Come to think of it star wars is dying because the booming market on pc is free 2 play.

what multiplayer game can you buy on xbox and skip paying for online?

I don't pay for cloud saving on pc via steam.
psn & xbl charge for cloud saving.

I don't pay for discounts on steam. psn charges for discounts. (psn+)

If you need to say pc is like xbox then sure maybe 10% of the market.

But xbox live is indeed on pc now. I am on win8 and it looks ok. Also I logged in with my Hotmail email they didn't ask me to pay a thing. (hydro thunder brings back memories :))

This is very interesting stuff.

Surely MS won't think they can come into steam territory and charge pc gamers to play online.

ScubbaSteve2292d ago

"Netflix, Star Wars Online, and World of Warcraft also charge me for using my own bandwidth, so your PC arguement there is invalid."

I don't know how you got 4 people to agree to that statement. Netflix charges for access to their movie servers because getting the licenses to stream movies/TV shows legally is expensive. And MMOs charge you so they can keep updating a game beyond its release date. again because developing and updating new content on games is expensive. None of these are charging you for your bandwidth.

kent800820072292d ago

xbox has internet explorer, what more do you want