7 Things We Want to See in Red Dead Redemption 2

WC writes: While a third journey into Rockstar’s acclaimed Western world was always anticipated, it’s been way too long since we’ve heard anything on the fate of the franchise. And now that we’re all but one step away from confirmation we felt that the time was right to compile a neat little list of the things we’d love to see in a return from the most faithful video game Western series on the market.

So saddle up partners, let’s mosey.

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Xof2313d ago

I'd like to see a more mountainous region for the setting. Canyons, valleys, peaks--and that mountain weather. Sudden thunderstorms, blizzards, and the like. Maybe some sort of rock-climbing mechanic for vertical ascents?

Set in like Montana or Wyoming.

Other than that, I just want "more" of what we had in RDR. More animals. More sidequests. More clothing options.

Well, I guess I'd also like a traditional "create your own character" thing, where you can choose body type, gender, face, hair, etc.

But that probably won't happen.

Oh, and--obviously--a PC version.

Trenta272313d ago

Remember that RDR represented a lot of America at the time. It just scrunched it all down to fix one map. One side was America, with its mountains and fields while across the river was Mexico. It wasn't just like Texas or anything.

I do like many of your points, though.

Xof2313d ago

It represented a portion of the American West. Namely, the southwest... which is kind of the "default" setting for Westerns.

There's the Northwest I mentioned, as well as the Pacific Northwest (a very rare setting, but rife with potential) as well as the West Coast "west." Which is basically San Francisco.

Which could be a really cool setting, what with all of the international traffic, and all the Chinese workers coming in... SF could make a great "home city" for a future game.

Not sure how well the surrounding area would suit the open-world horseplay that makes RDR great, though.

Oh, and then there are also the "mid-west" and "great plains west" settings.

The Western genre can contain a LOT of different settings. We really only saw one in RDR.

BattleAxe2313d ago

I want to see Ford Model Ts driving around everywhere.

Outside_ofthe_Box2313d ago

***"Other than that, I just want "more" of what we had in RDR. More animals. More sidequests. More clothing options."***

Exactly. RDR blew me away. Just having more of what we had in RDR would be enough for me.

WeskerChildReborned2313d ago

I thought the game would be with Jack Marston as protagonist but it could very well be a prequel.

Moby-Royale2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

I wouldn't go as far as to say that I'd have a problem* with that....

Take the movie "Road to Perdition" for example. Tom Hanks' character lived a life of crime and did not want that life for his son.(sound familiar?) I won't get too into it but basically at the end his little boy had a gun is hand. The final line was the boy, then as an adult saying "That was the last time that I ever held a gun".

So basically I wouldn't want Jack to turn to that same life that John had.

I would love either a prequel(though I'm not sure it could retain the same emotional impact), or a new character set sometime before the first RDR. With no ties to the original characters back in the wild wild west. Meaning no hint of the arrival of automobiles and whatnot.

XXXL2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

I'm all for a prequel. Landon Rickett's exploits. Why he "retired" to Mexico, I believe he had a part in the blackwater massacre, etc.

FarCryLover1822313d ago

They could always have another protagonist though. Knowing Rockstar, it won't have any Marston's in it, as many Rockstar games do not continue with characters. But, since Marston was such a great character, maybe they will bring him back.

BitbyDeath2313d ago

I hate sites like this, everything on one page next time plz.

I want to see more animals.

Soldierone2313d ago

Isn't it the third game? I keep seeing sequel, I thought there was already two?

omarzy2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Last gen had a game called Red Dead Revolver and was made by rockstar, but completely different protagonist, and the story did't cross over in any way to Redemption.

joab7772313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

I thought I read somewhere that it was called red dead rxxxxxx, meaning some word with an r, and not rdr2. I only say this because it is telling as to whether it is a direct sequel or just another western. How about red dead revolution...set in 1776...would have been awesome had it not been the setting of AC3. Or red dead ranger and u r a lawman in Texas in the mid 19th century. Red dead dead resolution which could refer to a number of situations. Or red dead regulators...all online...u know where I am headed with this. or just red dead regulation set in the mid 20th century and we can take part in the death of our country.

omarzy2313d ago

Modern-future technology cheat codes would a very fun addition to the game.

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