Time Warner confirms bandwidth cap test

TimeWarner leaked important information where they will be testing their new bandwidth cap. This means that people with higher bandwidth usage will pay more and if they use more bandwidth then their plan covers they will have a warning and then lead to termination of the users account. This is bad news to people around Beaumont, Texas, area where new costumers will have to use this method of internet plan. As the article states some people use more bandwidth then others and in return have started a cap.
"According to Alex Dudley, an approximate five percent of Time Warner's customers consume as much as 50 percent of available bandwidth through heavy downloading. Specifically, it is believed that most of the content is HD video. The Beaumont trial is tentatively expected in the second quarter of this year."

Is this just another way for TimeWarner to make money.
Or are they actually having bandwidth problems.
And if they are this is bad news to TimeWarner customers

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TheHater4379d ago

Get fiber optic, it fast, and you don't have to deal with this crap

marinelife94379d ago

I hope this falls on it's face. I don't want my cable company getting any ideas.

I wish we had fiber optic in our area.

gamesR4fun4379d ago

what a bunch of bs hype just to get you paying more...
n they want you to dl hd movies f em
why is N/A like the third world when it comes to internet infrastructure... hmm maybe the fat cat lobbyist working for the guys who own the current outdated network can tell us?

InYourMom4379d ago

I completely agree.

I hope other ISP's don't follow this trend. This does however only effect new subscribers.

GodsHand4379d ago

I have timewarner cable (roadrunner), and I live in Texas. Not near the test site.

I pay $50/month. I read in my local paper about this, and they state that there are 7.2 million customers that pay for cable.

I only pay for the roadrunner part not the tv stream. (wink wink) I think the cheapest package you get in $30 for basic cable. Factor in all those options based on 7.2 mil customers your looking at $360,000,000 roughly a month.

Just imagin the entire year.

DJ4379d ago

I feel sorry for people who have to deal with this crap. Filtering copyrighted material is one thing, but penalizing people for going over a bandwidth 'cap' when they themselves have no way to accurately measure how much bandwidth they are using is just asking for a class-action lawsuit.

Aft3rKill4379d ago

well hopefully they just "cap" this and get on with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.