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Hisiru2288d ago

YEEEEES! I hope it will include trophies!

guitarded772288d ago

If it's an HD revamp, it has to include trophies.

I never played the first 2, but I got the back story from the cut scene vids in the menu of Yakuza 3 and 4. Still want to play them though.

Jamzluminati2288d ago

Yes, now I can finally play the series.

Baka-akaB2288d ago

Still let's be cautious doesnt say anything yet about the western versions .

izumo_lee2288d ago

Basically all the Yakuza games have seen a western release especially this gen, so i will not be surprised if the HD collection does come over.

Acquiescence2288d ago

So weird, I was just thinking the other night while trying to get to sleep - "I wonder if a Yakuza HD Collection would ever happen? What would be so cool." Couple of days later, BAM! confirmed (sort of).

This makes me happy. 2 is the best entry of lot - bonafide masterpiece. I hope they release the first one with the Japanese dub intact this time; the Western dub ruined the game for me, it was so misplaced.

SaiyanFury2288d ago

I completely agree on the English dub. I just had to shut it off during the early on sub-story, "The price of a d-cup", when the bar-master (tender) threatens Kiryu, and Kiryu responds, "Bring that shit". If anyone's at all familiar with Kuroda Takaya (Kiryu's actor) never says anything like that. I've played through every Yakuza game to come west, save the first. I'm really hoping they leave the Japanese track intact. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.