Diehard GameFAN: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Review

DHGF: The Final Fantasy franchise invades the rhythm genre at last, and the results are better than I could’ve expected. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy includes all of the familiar trappings of the rhythm genre and coats it with a thin layer of RPG elements. The presentation might put off some, given the cutesy nature of the art style, but those who can look past that will find a game with one of the best soundtracks on the market along with all of the addictiveness the genre can offer. Local co-op, DLC, and a ton of unlockables will ensure that you’ll be playing for months, though many of the songs are catchy enough that you’ll find yourself replaying them just for the sake of doing so. It would have been nice if certain songs were not exclusive to specific modes, though it’s hard to argue with with such a large setlist. If you are a Final Fantasy fan, you need to pick this up. As for non-fans, it’s at least worth checking out if only to see something unique.

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