Wii is #1 on CNET's top 20 list

Two weeks on CNET and the Wii has found itself on the top of their most wanted list. Note that the Playstation 3 is at #12.

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Marriot VP5843d ago

it's gonna be number 1 until people play with it for more than a half an hour....YAYYYY


Ippocampo5843d ago

LOL.... yes... I doubt that about all these people will really buy one... :D

PS360WII5843d ago

If you feel sorry that you console didn't get the number 1 spot. It's okay no need to feel frustrated. Just go back to your forum. And I sure yes all of those people will buy the Wii.

Marriot VP5843d ago

HAH, shouldn't you be upset that the PS3 didn't get onto the list. It got beat by a Wii too.

I'm not a fanboy, I could get a PS3, I've had a PS2 and xbox. Right now I have a 360, so shub ub.

PS360WII5843d ago

Didn't know that ummm well I'm not sure. Anyways I have a 360 too! ^^ It's great isn't it. I think they did say ps3 was on the list just that it was not in the top 10. If I can walking in the store and say I'll buy that ps3 then yeah I'm going to have it. No way I'm going to sit in line for 8+ hours so I can get a system... Now seeing that North America gets 1mil Wii's I have a feeling I can get one on launch.
So yeah I read my comment and it was a bit sny so sorry for sounding like an a-hole was a bit burnt out when I wrote it

wulfgar885843d ago

but im all for getting a and good game play. and by the way...alot of ppl are saying that they get tired playing this and get tired in 30 question is how over weight are you??? playing the wii doesnt look at all that strenuous and you shouldnt work up a sweat just by moving your arms alittle...and remeber that is dont have to over-do your movements. just watch some of the videos posted on ign today...some ppl are barely moving while some (like myself) get very absorbed in it...all in all i cant wait for this system.