EA would love to partner on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sequel

EA would love to be a partner on a Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sequel and hopes that one day it will happen, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau has told GameInformer magazine.

"I think it's unfortunate how everything worked out [for 38 Studios]," said Gibeau. "At the end of the day we saw a lot of creativity and vision in the team that Curt [Schilling] put together. We thought the game was terrific. It reviewed well.

"We built a good business there and hope there's a sequel to it someday. We'd love to be a partner for that."

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zeal0us2290d ago

They should of brought the team,rights/license/w/e and form a new studio. Instead they just watch everything go downhill.

vallencer2289d ago

You are right it wasn't but they really should have done that if they were interested in it. I'm not saying pay off the debts or whatever they had but when the company went under if they really are that interested in it they should have either A) made a new studio for those guys or B) brought them into an already existing studio that they had. Either way though if Epic has them make the second one i don't see why EA helping would over all be a bad thing. It just seems like a spit in the face is all.

zeal0us2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I was saying that(first comment) because the only way KoA can get a sequel is if EA at least brought the license/rights to the IP or IP itself(not 100% how it works). Sure hiring the team that create KoA wouldn't be necessary but it would make the process of developing KoA2 faster.

Maybe EA waiting for the right time to get IP. Seeing as Epic got team.

Skate-AK2289d ago

I just bought the first one for $40 bucks the other day and it's awesome.

ChunkyLover532289d ago

EA would love to ruin Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sequel

*Fixed the title!*