Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Movie Poster

Every dedicated Halo fan needs this awesome Foward Unto Dawn movie poster on their bedroom wall. All images of the Chief were taken on set.

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MoreConsole2381d ago

Fans have been waiting for a 'proper' Halo movie for years. Looks like the wait is finally over.

GearSkiN2381d ago

Christopher Nolan just need to grab Halo.

2381d ago
grifter0242381d ago

To be honest it does look good as a stand alone movie. Even with the whole not seeing any Covenant it does look interesting.

I am just glad that they mad Master Chief extremely tall, in almost every book they said he was a giant towering over everyone and gave everyone he fought with a huge confidence/morale boost. The video games never made me feel like what I thought Master Chief would feel like after reading the books but this movie does. Also the Elites are suppose to tower over us as well so can't wait to see them too.

LAWSON722380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Well he is suppose to be 8 ft tall. Also, the covenent are large grunts are as big as marines almost, play odst and you can see the height difference hunters look enormous

SixZeroFour2380d ago

yea, grunts are about 6ft, elites are 8 and hunters are 12...spartan III's average at about 7

LAWSON722380d ago

How do you get that poster looks awesome