Ouya funding grows & reveals first games

Article on Ouya- first games revealed, massively excited funders pledge millions (Article)

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mistajeff2291d ago

Well I'm certainly not sold on it yet. If all it's going to do is play mobile games, there's not much of a point. However, I absolutely LOVE the idea of a $99 open-source console, and what they're currently doing is one of the only possible ways they could garner publisher interest. Android is probably their best bet for an open-source gaming OS, since it already works with nvidia hardware. Tweaking something else, or building something from scratch, would just be unnecessary work that would drive up the price of the console. If they keep making waves, they could eventually end up with publishers making dedicated games for the platform. So, while I'm not sold on it, I'm definitely keeping my eye on it.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2291d ago

If it had an amd fusion that would be great! But that would raise the price.

mistajeff2291d ago

Yeah, I think $99 is really the magic number for what they're trying to accomplish. The hardware really isn't that great if you think of it as a console being designed in 2012. The Nexus 7 has the same exact specs, pretty much, but it's more impressive to see it stuffed in a tablet. It'd be cool to see some beefier hardware, but I personally don't think it stands a chance if they bump the price into the triple-digits.

ABizzel12291d ago


Yeah it's basically a Wii+ with a Wii-U controller.

or a better analysis would be a PSVita transformed into a $99 console.

I'm all for the console, however, IMO it's not for anyone on n4g. It's more for your little brother or something, since it's not going to have the core games you want, but knock versions of them (sometimes they're pretty good). But it's entry level price ($99) and affordable games ($20 and less) makes it the perfect starter console for any kid wanting to get into gaming. Not to mention it should be capable of using any Android apps allowing it to be more than just a video console, it could also be highly educational.

I will be getting this for my little brother.

bobshi2291d ago

If it had the AMD Fusion none of the games would work.

Needs to be ARM based.

ARM-based Fusion APUs aren't due until 2013.

Soldierone2291d ago

Sales numbers are the only thing that will get main developers on it. That or connections with them and very nice presentations to sell it in a meeting.

Other than that, there will be no interest for it. Look at OnLive and how long it took main companies to embrace Facebook and smartphones....It wasn't until small little casual studios were reporting millions of dollars in profits....

belac092291d ago

sounds like a scam to me.

RSEagle2291d ago

First line: "It has been over 10 years since the last major console release, and with very good reason."

Stopped reading.

HebrewHammer2291d ago

Just saw that myself.

ABizzel12291d ago

I saw that too, but sometimes it's best to ignore ignorance and silently laugh at it.

bobshi2291d ago

He might mean it has been over 10 years since a new *brand* of console came into the market. In other words Microsoft with the Xbox in 2001/2002.

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typeN82291d ago

Im sure this will be a thing and most of us here will own one of these console
They will put out new ones every year or two that will be faster with better os

And im sure we are gonna see alot of good games
Xbox arcade and psn games on this type of console will be good
Games like minecraft and journey maybe..theres some pretty great games out there
Plus open source and a free dev kit with puchase. Its gonna be pretty cool i think

mttrackmaster382291d ago

Besides the graphics, Shadowgun doesn't look all that impressive. It's clearly been designed to work with touch controls (which aren't suited for responding to situations quickly) so the gameplay is like a waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy slower-paced Gears of War with mentally-challenged ai. This seems to be the case with most "console-quality" Android/iOs games.

The Ouya is gonna need games designed specifically FOR that system and not for Android phones first, or I'm not biting.

ABizzel12291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

I get what you're saying, but how those games run all depends on the hardware, and to be honest while the Ouya isn't that impressive (it needs a better name as well) it should be able to handle games android games a bit better than most other Android devices since that's it main function, and it should have a better source of RAM vs. phones and tablets.

I'm not saying it's going to be that noticeable, but it should be a bit better, and more than likely if it takes off (1,000,000+) it should getter better developer support, since many are already on iTunes and Android.

IMO they are going to need to do some major Quality Control. There are thousands of games on Android, and no one wants to have to go through all of those games. The top 10 list on the phones don't help much either, so that's something they really need to fix.

Again I don't think this console is for anyone on n4g. It's just a beginner console for kids 10 and under trying to get into gaming. Or modders.

bobshi2291d ago

Yeah, it is an interesting one.

Not really a hardcore gamers' console as it is just casual mobile games on your TV, essentially.

I guess it's main threat are XBLA games and PS Minis which are the casual games for the 'true' consoles.

And as you say there are so many Android games and new stuff is released all the damn time due to there being no need for approval and the easy access to an SDK.

It is very tedious finding the good new apps and games.

And as this is Android, what developer is going to make it an Ouya exclusive? They'll shove it on Google Play to make more money.

And if you can play it on your phone, do you really want to play it on your TV too?

As a media device or turning your TV into a 'smart TV', it's a good buy.