US sales: Industry slump deepens as market awaits next-gen

The game industry's cyclical downturn continues to accelerate with total revenues in June sinking 29 per cent year on year, new data shows.

Total US sales of video game hardware, software and accessories for the month landed at $700 million, analyst firm NPD claimed, marking a significant fall from the $990 million accumulated in June 2011.
Some analysts feared worse

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DivineAssault 2340d ago

It also has alot to do with lazy devs just throwing out mediocre games with the "its ok, we can patch it later" philosophy.. & dlc rip offs when the content shouldve been in to begin with.. (ya capcom, thats u)

JBSleek2340d ago

I don't think it has nothing to do with that at all actually because no matter what year it is you have devs who put out rich content and those who put out crappy content.

A $290 Million drop seems more about the time in the life cycle then about "lazy" devs.

TedCruzsTaint2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

I don't know. I seem to feel that is a rather small chunk of the market. It tends to only come from the truly large companies, being that they feel they can, and do, apparently, get away with it.

Answer to the problem?

Vote with your wallet. People need to stop simply bitching about the problem, and actually not buy the game. The only time this has actually happened, as far as I know, was with Streetfighter x Tekken. And even that sold decently.

CommonSenseGamer2340d ago

If you have ever worked on a project you would know the "lazy developer" blame game just is not accurate at all.

DivineAssault 2340d ago

I know its tough & theres pressure to get the game out there but damn.. delay it & make it right or theres gonna be nothing but COD type sequels for everything.. U know, same exact game with a few tweaks & call it new & charge $60... Thats what sells the most these days

Anon19742340d ago

I don't know that I agree with that headline. I mean, are people really holding off purchasing consoles on the chance that there might be new consoles in the next couple of years? The gamers that are actually anticipating new consoles probably already have consoles at home, so it's not like they were going to buy a bunch of new consoles. Those that don't have current gen consoles yet probably aren't even aware that there's no consoles coming in the next couple of years, so they aren't holding back waiting for new tech.

The slump we're seeing is coming from three factors in my opinion. The natural falloff of game sales during the summer months. The fact that the Wii bubble has burst which had no doubt inflated numbers for the past couple of years and the fact that there's no hot, must have titles anywhere to be seen. What exactly was supposed to be driving software sales lately? Lollipop Chainsaw? Steel Batallion? There's simply nothing new to stimulate people to get off their asses and head down to the game store.

All and all, I did find this piece of news interesting. "NPD revealed that smartphones have become the second-largest channel for game sales." Funny how everyone seems to be onboard with mobile gaming on their smartphones except the people who frequent gaming sites. :)

Jadedz2340d ago

Though the NDS and Wii have dropped off pretty sharply.

For sales to rise again - 1 of the big 3 gaming companies need to achieve early NDS/Wii numbers.

CommonSenseGamer2340d ago

Ok, so why is the Vita not doing better? Its still relatively new to market.

kevnb2340d ago

The market has just shifted away from retail console games. Simple as that.

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