PS Vita wizardry leads to PC game support

It is the stuff of dreams that homebrew fans have been waiting for and it looks like a legal practice as well at first glance. PlayStation Mobile, formerly PS Suite was announced a while back by Sony and is meant to be the new platform for developers to create games for a range of mobile Sony devices.

But DigitalArts001 has managed to pull this off. In a series of videos, he has demonstrated that by using PlayStation Mobile to access a remote desktop application, the Vita can play games like Left 4 Dead, Super Mario Bros 3, Final Fantasy X and Metal Gear Solid.

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Dark_Overlord2286d ago

That is amazing, the L4D one was great :D

joeorc2286d ago


So yes Sony already freaking knew about this.! why the hell is many websites trying to make out that Sony does not know how to make software?

God this is freaking Silly. There is only so many functions that Sony's in house can work on at one time.

That means other part's of software does not get started first does not mean they are not going to produce features.
It just means they have not got to it yet.

But in the "we want every thing now" age of computing it's no wonder people are just getting sick of waiting and doing it themselves.

complain or do something, or do not worry about it an wait.

But saying How someone can do it and yet a company that made the SDK cannot is just plain silly and moot. when they already have remote play. and are already working on such function.

They are just not fast enough for some people.

hkgamer2286d ago

sony probably wants to release remote play with no bugs and glitches, people who are complaining about such features should just chill.

on another note, playstation mobile/suite seems to be amazimgl kinda like official homebrew what loadsa small developers have always hoped for... lets just hope hackers/piracy doesn't screw sony or these people over.

izumo_lee2286d ago

This is the magic of PS Suite (PS Mobile). With this the homebrew crowd are now able to do things with PS platforms legally & within the rules that Sony has entrusted.

There are a lot of talented programmers around the world & with this we may see even more 'magical' things to come to PS platforms in the future.

This can only be positive for gamers & Sony, it really shows the power of the Vita being able to run a game like L4D. The possibilities are endless which is the most exciting part.

hkgamer2286d ago

agreed. this could be homebrewers dream, but people who like to hack machines for piracy will always be around and hopefully they won't screw it up for homebrewers...

however you mentioned the vita running a game like l4d, running would be the wrong word since its more like streaming... this remote desktop probably will not get on the market since it could interfere with sony's gaikai service.

izumo_lee2286d ago

you are right about the streaming, i misused my words. Thanks for the correction.

Yes hackers will always be around but this time with PS mobile Sony are able to regulate what is okay & what is not. I just hope the homebrewers will use this tool that Sony has provided & respect the rules

Like i said there are a lot of very talented programmers & it would be cool to see what they are able to do.

joeorc2286d ago

there's going to be a new kid in town


run's what OS?

Android ..right?

what's that Have to do with the PSVita?

the OUYA

it's kickstarter is now about to clear over $5 million by sat if not tonight.

what platform run's on Android, that developer's can make that can be new ip's but low cost in development by one of the big 3?

that's right Playstation Mobile..

and Since the PSVita is certified already for playstation Mobile.

Sony could have a dedicated Game console for the living room without having to spend any money on making a

(digital download only game console)

and just have the Playstation Mobile licence and just make playstation Mobile games can work on the OUYA , the PSVita and smartphones and Tablet's...yea it is just like that!

Think about it real hard and Ask yourself would Sony do it?

what Chipset does the playstation Mobile already support?

Tegra 3

which by the way is in the OUYA


Speaking to Digital Spy, Sony’s Kish Hirani said that they’d “love” to get PS Mobile onto the front-room console"


hkgamer2286d ago

Not sure what you are trying to say at the moment, but it sounds like you are saying that playstation mobile may go onto the OUYA.

If that is what you are saying, then that would probably never happen. OUYA would want too big of a cut from developers that Sony is already taking. It would be like XBLA being available on a PS store.

Skateboard2286d ago

This is good news. Pokemon will be available on the Vita now, LOL.

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