Resident Evil 6 screen-tear woes "being worked on"

Eurogamer writes: Capcom is aware of the screen-tearing issues widely-reported in the Resident Evil 6 demo, and is working on a fix.

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LightSamus2381d ago

I don't understand how developers like Capcom have to wait for players to point out such a simple problem. Are they even testing it properly at their HQ?

user54670072381d ago

They're waiting to see if people point out their mistakes to see if they need to waste time fixing it. They're lazy, if no one pointed it out they wouldn't fix it

Shame Capcom can't fix the rest of the know how it's nothing like a RE game. Even Leons "horror" sections are crap.

Unlimax2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Attention Resident evil 6 fans : Resident evil 6 is officially trying to clone The 3rd Birthday !!!

Gooday' everyone !

Trenta272381d ago

God I hope so. It was a nightmare. I understand it was a demo, but that just scared a whole lot of people from playing it.

Pozzle2381d ago

Same here. I get that it was a demo, but it's kinda strange that they would release it to the public with such obvious technical issues. Especially since those issues were mentioned over a month ago when they showed the demo at E3.

dirthurts2381d ago

If they don't fix it, I can't play it.
Nothing drives me nuts like screen tearing and frame rate issues.
Anything else I can put up with, but man that stuff..

Nodoze2381d ago

Capcom used to be one of the top devs. I used to look forward to their titles.

Now I could care less.

PersonMan2381d ago

MT Framework games always tear on the 360. Look at Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet 2 and Dragon's Dogma.

However, the PS3 version should be fully v-sync'd (zero screen tearing) as it was in RE5, LP2 and DD.

Just one more perk to owning a PS3!

PersonMan2381d ago

To the disagreers.

I posted FACTS. It's a FACT that RE5, LP2 and Dragon's Dogma tear on the 360. It's also a fact that those three games do not tear on the PS3 because v-sync is fully 100% engaged with triple-buffering.

So how can you disagree with what I said?

jetlian2381d ago

the 360 version won h2h it has a higher frame rate and higher textures. But it does have screen tearing while ps3 drops frames totally.

I will say in RE5 I didnt notice tearing but in re6 its way worse it worse than 50 cent blood on the sand! But the graphics are better so I guess its to be expected

StarFox2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

@jetlian i have the ps3 version and you can't even notice frames dropping at all. btw h2h is known for doctoring some comparisons, if i were you i wouldn't use them as a reference.

jetlian2379d ago

both lens and euro lol confirmed it

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