PSM3 Burnout Paradise review

You won't know what to think to begin with. The first thing that hits you is how sprawling Paradise's map seems. (Burnout's entered the free-roaming age, in case you didn't know.) Then you realise you can drive from one end to the other in only about four minutes, and around its entire circumference in about ten, and it's a little disheartening. But then you discover just how dense Paradise City is, how much there is to explore away from the main roads and all seems rosy.

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gunnerforlife4383d ago

yea i bought the mag as soon as i saw that it said review lol and its the most stupid review ever idiots.the picked the hardest mode and complained about it(fuk1ng wanker) u pick the hardest mode and u know what ur gone get.

SWORDF1SH4383d ago

i guess youre talkin about devil may cry. if thas the case you are wrong in your statement. PSM3 mentions how hard it is but it doesnt say its a bad thing. they actually praise for being hard. the reason it got 8 out of ten is because some of the plot is stupid, the pacing is out and the hardness peaks in the middle and it makes you play throught sections and fight boss's that you already have done but instead of nero you are dante. it also mentions it is easier than dmc3. theyre not new to this game and know the series probably better than you. they are professional in there reviews and the give fair scores.


this is possibly the best racing game EVER.the online is completly the SHOWTIME mode also.PLAY B3YOND!