Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Preview

Club Skill has a preview on the upcoming killer Lost Planet being made exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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Jay da 2KBalla5855d ago

Visually amazing killer app

kmis875855d ago

I just want to make a quick point. A killer app is a game that proves the worth of a console or other hardware system, compelling a large number of consumers to purchase it based on the strenght of that software title alone. That said, Lost Planet, as good as it will be, isn't a killer app. GoW isn't a killer app, Resistance isn't a killer app, Motorstorm isn't a killer app. FF7 was a killer app, Halo was a killer app, Tetris was a killer app for the gameboy, Myst was a killer app for cdrom computers. Most killer apps come for unproven consoles or technology that can't rely on brand recognition and carrying a previous fanbase to generate sales. Please stop throwing around the words killer app for every game that looks like it will be good.

That rant aside, I think this game looks awesome. Capcom is one of the best developers out there, they make so many games I like: Devil May Cry and Resident Evil are great and I loved Megaman on my SNES. They've done a great job for the 360 with Lost Planet and Dead Rising. Lost Planet will probably be one of the 360 games I get when I buy the console.

TheMART5854d ago (Edited 5854d ago )

@ kmis87

I think your comment is a strange one. A killer app in first place is just a game that exceeds on all other ones.

Sometimes a killer app isn't picked up by the audience. A good example of a killer application on the original XBOX for example is Psychonauts. Best platformer ever, look it up who made it, the guy is a genius.

I have it, but strangely it never sold well. What it was. Marketing? Wrong time to launch?

Well then. A good selling killer app. That's a different story. You mean a system seller man.

So jay is in my view right on this game, as many others will confirm. It's a killer app, Gears of War, Viva Piniata, Too Human, Huxley and more, they all seem to be killer app's in their own genre. If they become system sellers remains to be seen.

But saying Gears of War won't be a killer app or even a system seller is the dumbest thing ever said.

Every 360 owner almost wants Gears. Even if they don't like shooting games. They just want it to have it. If it only would be for the box art. Like with Halo. People just bought it. Maybe they don't play it that often but still they feel and see it's special.

Gears of War will be special. Look at all the E3 awards 2006, all the other awards, the buzz it get's on the internet, the exclusiveness on 360 and no other platform.

MS puts all it's money on this one. Halo 3 will probably be the last one in this form. The new system seller will be Gears of War. No doubt about that. But Lost Planet is a sleeper hit and will sell multiple systems with ease.

Killer app? What we've seen yes. System seller? Probably to be seen when it launches

ps: COD2, PGR3, GRAW, Dead Rising. Killer app's/system sellers. First three had an attach rate of more then 20% of all 360 users. That's one out of 5 360 owners at least own a game like that. Is Lost Planet better or equal to those. I bet. Did those games sell systems? Yep they did

kmis875854d ago

No, MART, thats not what a killer app is. Killer apps sell hardware. Psychonauts, as good as it was, was nowhere near a killer app. People didn't see it and use that as the single determining factor in buying a technology they had never had before. FF7 and Halo were killer apps because they could do that for their respective consoles. Killer apps are not dependent on the review scores either, they are dependent on their ability to sell systems.

Here is the exact definition of a killer app from wikipedia: "A killer application (commonly shortened to killer app) is a computer program that is so useful or desirable that it proves the value of some underlying technology, such as a gaming console, operating system, or piece of computer hardware."

I didn't say anything to bash 360 or Gears or Lost Planet. All I said was that killer app is not a real general term for a good, or even great game. It specifically refers to a singular application that is so desirable that it can sell the hardware to someone that it didn't previously appeal to. Proven hardware like ps2 or 360 will not have killer apps. Killer apps aren't based on the sales to people who owned the console before seeing the game. I don't care how special Gears of War is (personally I think it will be one of the frontrunners for game of the year), unless it can compel people who previously were completely uninterested in the 360 to buy the sytem by the hundreds of thousands then its not a killer app.

You seem to be very confused about what a killer app is, it does not simply mean a well reviewed game.

Ravenator5295854d ago

how special this game is going to be.

The demo speaks for itself and so far all of the reports are saying that its getting even better as more information is released.

It is very hard to realize how good a game can be just from screenshots alone.

More and more developers should use Marketplace for their demos. I can tell you that Test Drive sold many more copies due to the demo that was released on Marketplace.

The same goes for Dead Rising!

I still have yet to delete the Lost Planet demo from my HD because I still play it and can't wait for the full version!

This is going to be a great game. We already know it from the demo. The last time I played a demo this much was when the God of War demo was released in OPM.