Space Channel 5 on Wii?

1/24/08 - Cubed3 writes:

"An interesting rumour has surfaced suggesting that despite Space Channel 5 creator recently denying involvement in a remake/sequel, magazine N-Zone is claiming the game will be heading to Nintendo's Wii."

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LanRanger4380d ago

I've been hoping this game would come to the Wii, it seems like a perfect fit. Here's to hoping the rumor is true!

Marceles4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

lol LanRanger, bubble for that one...that brought back memories, I think she was saying shoot-shoot-shoot btw. I remember how fun this game was, and beating the game with a perfect score. I hope they do make another one

BladedKnucklz4380d ago

These chicks are HOT!!!lol

wiizy4379d ago

nice.. a game for the girls on wii...

Amagai Shuusuke4379d ago

Sega is bringing like every game from
the Saturn and Dreamcast and making it
for the Wii.

KidMakeshift4379d ago

I miss Pudding and Space Michael