PS Mobile SDK Updated To 0.99, Adds In App Purchases

TSA: "The latest platform to get microtransactions? PS Mobile. The new PS Suite development kit has been updated to version 0.99 (presumably the last before the ‘one’ point release), and with it the ability to have in app purchases, much like those on iPhone and iPad."

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jujubee882379d ago

There is gamepad API implemented in the UI now. Meaning, Playstation Mobile games could (hypothetically) be played on PC with a dualshock/xbox controller now. Quite nice.

The more I see of PSM and the community support behind the more happy I get to see what the future holds. The only thing I (and other developers) want to see more of is low-level API support and some other languages (other than C#) can be supported. I know there might be an issue with fragmentation but hopefully the people researching these thing find some linear correlation across all architectures PSM is implemented on to created a stronger API library to develop for.

guitar_nerd_232379d ago

I hope it's like the weird and wonderful days of Net Yaroze.

r212379d ago

is there any apps to download yet? or is everything still in testing phases.

SandWitch2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

No official apps yet I guess, but you can already install some homebrew apps on Vita, for example calculator or NES emulator (but unfortunately this one runs at 15fps for some reason). Also remote desktop homebrew app will be released soon, allowing Remote Play for PC games.

r212379d ago

oh yeah, i saw that L4D remote play, pretty cool :D where exactly can i download these apps when they've released?

sirauron142378d ago

how long will it take to see some apps?