Man Stabbed in the Chest After World of Warcraft Argument

Ottawasun: Jordan Osborne alleges he was stabbed when he went to his neighbour's apartment on Wednesday after hearing an argument.

“I was telling him, there is no need for you to be freaking out about World of Warcraft. It’s just a game,” Osborne said, while his neighbour fought with a friend who was visiting and some other players over his headset. “He said, ‘It’s not just a game, it’s my life.’”

That’s when the man grabbed his throat, punched him in the face and stabbed him in the chest, Osborne said.

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SavageKuma2288d ago

The hell is wrong with people? Hey dude ate those stab wounds I give him props to survive.

Majin-vegeta2288d ago

I agree jesus christ some people take this sh*t far it's suppose to be for giggle's and fun not reality -_-.

Pushagree2288d ago

I could name a few fanboys here who probably would have reacted in the same way.

GuyThatPlaysGames2288d ago

Maybe he can heal with a potion lol

MiamiACR212288d ago

Now all he has to do is lift his shirt to get all the ladies.

SavageKuma2288d ago

Yup all he needs to say is...WOW is a contact sport...see these wounds, raid while fighting Worgen baby!

MiamiACR212288d ago

"See baby? I ain't no Alliance bitch!"

Scenarist2288d ago

somebody fuck with your account you been playing for yours and invested countless hours and money into..... but i didnt read the article so i dont know how deep it is

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Snookies122288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

People that say ANY game is their "life"... Probably need to be put away. It's the same as a drug at that point, there needs to be an institution like they have for rehab. I love WoW, I was just playing it before reading this article, but people who take it too seriously are freaking idiots. I've sunk probably about 40+ days in-game time into it, but can't help laughing at people who act like there's nothing else but WoW.

Bereaver2288d ago

Ehhh, who are you to say how someone should use their own life? People prefer doing different things all the time than what you're accustomed to. I do agree that it is a game but I also disagree that it's JUST a game. You pay to do everything with your time, in the eyes of time everything is the same.

I mean, some people go out with friends and get drunk and party the night away and only remember half of what happened. Some others run raids and stay up late gaming the night away.

Whatever they wish to do is fine with me, the only thing this person did was hurting someone else because of a silly argument.

This is when you say "probably needs to be put away".

kikizoo2288d ago

the argument was not "silly", it's just a game.

Rowland2288d ago

good job they weren't playing Demon Souls.

Jadedz2288d ago

Hardcore gaming, at its finest.

Lovable2288d ago

Wow..can't believe people will actually say video game is their life...I mean playing...

The_Kills2288d ago

Oh so its only bad if someone admits it? There are lots of people throwing away important things in life for games. Be appalled more people dont admit it.

Lovable2288d ago

Where the hell did I said that? Also, stop saying the obvious...<_<

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